Hello! Today is kind of going to be a mix of a few topics. I wanted to do another Hope To The Homeless but I think I might need to wait another week for that. Today I want to share some news and share a quote. As you can imagine its a Star Wars quote. This quote has actually helped me a lot and it comes from one of my favorite Star Wars characters. Mara Jade. They made her to be so wise! I love it!
"Look, I cried when the Jade's Fire crashed. A ship, a thing, and yet I cried over it. What does that say about my priorities?"
   SO true! Being a teenage girl I tend to cry about everything. I cry when I can't go somewhere, I cry when I listen to music, I cry when I can't find my phone, or when my DVD player won't work and I can't watch Star Wars. I cry a lot. But what's really worth your tears? Should you really cry when you burn dinner? Is it really necessary to have a meltdown when the boy you like, likes someone else? No not really. Focus on things that matter. When you find yourself crying over unimportant things, re-organize your priorities! Count your blessings! We have far to much to be thankful for! Any time I want to cry I think of that quote. Ok, don't misunderstand me, God gave us the ability to cry for a reason. And its not wrong to cry. Sometimes I enjoy crying because its a chance to let my emotions out. But when you sit and feel sorry for yourself and complain and whine, that's when it has to stop. When it stops you from being able to go through your day. Think about all that God has done for you and be thankful! Because there's always someone going through something a whole lot worse then you.
   Ok, that was a lot shorter then I expected. Much like General Grievous from Star Wars episode 3. (Sorry, cheesy Star Wars reference. "General Grievous, your shorter then I expected."-Anakin Skywalker.) So now for my news! On Saturday (technically Sunday, we leave at midnight) I will be headed off for my second missions trip! I am excited. Not nearly as excited as I was for last year. A lot of things will be different but I know it'll be fun. I'm praying that God will use me and my life story to change lives! I'll be helping out a backyard bible study. The people attending will be from families with not a lot of money and I think they live in houses for some sort of government housing. I might get to talk to some of the parents of these kids so I'm really hoping I can be a light and be AUDACIOUS! (Since thats the theme this year.) So yeah! Prayers would be appreciated. I'll be gone all week so I won't post any new blogs. But I can't wait for the missions trip!


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