Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Faith Like A Childs

So I have a blood problem called ITP, so I need to go to the hospital once a week to get my blood checked. I go to the pediatric oncology center to get this blood work done. Well, when I was there this week I was sitting in the waiting room reading when I heard a little girl begin to cry. I looked up to see her run after her mom who was being taken to the doctors office. Her dad grabbed her and told her she couldn't follow her mom. She just screamed and cried by the door.
I felt sorry for the little girl then was about to go back to my reading when I noticed a little boy in the waiting room. He couldn't have been older then 5 or six. I assumed he had cancer, he was bald and sat in a wheel chair with his legs crossed. He sat by his mom and watched T.V.
The little boy looked adorable!
When he looked at me I smiled at him then went back to reading.
Every few minutes I would just look up at the boy and wonder how much he must have been through.
Then I noticed the girl was still crying for her mom, I happened to look up. She was in her dad's arms by the door her mom had walked through. Then I looked toward the boy, and he began to move his wheelchair back, then he moved over to the crying girl.
He stopped his chair right by the dad holding her and lifted up his hand as to give her something. I noticed in his extended hand was a sticker.
The girl just screamed at him. Yet he wouldn't go away. He sat there patiently, waiting for her to take his gift. But she just turned away from him and cried. But he wouldn't leave.
Finally the dad told the boy she didn't want the sticker. But his arm was STILL extended for her.
Soon his mom came over and whispered in his ear and began to push his wheelchair away. But he looked back at her with his arm outreached. The mom took the sticker and gave it to the little girls dad, then pushed him back to watch T.V.
Finally the boy looked satisfied.
As he sat there I watched him. He looked...content. He didn't look upset over his situation, he looked at ease. I couldn't explain to you the gleam in his eyes. They sparkled with bravery and courage.
That made me think. How could I, a girl with a simple blood disease that would probably heal, complain? This little boy had something far worse then me, whatever he had. He was in a wheelchair. I thought about all the times I had complained. Because I have ITP I can't risk getting hurt, so that means so sports. Why am I complaining? I can heal from this, I WILL play sports again! This little boy was in a wheelchair...He wont be able to play sports. Ever.
But even with that he was reaching out to help a little crying girl. He was thinking of someone else.
God really spoke to me at the hospital. There are so many things that that little kid taught me by one little act of kindness.
So to everyone else, your one little act of kindness really has a huge impact! It may not impact the person your being kind to, but it might impact someone who just happened to watch. And it just might teach them something.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Questions About Homeschooling

For those of you who didn't know, I'm homeschooled. I have been my whole life. I was in Jr. High the first time I ever stepped into a school. I shadowed my friend at her private school and I took a Spanish class. But thats about the closes I've ever been to going to school.
Whenever I tell someone that I'm homeschooled, I also get asked a series of questions afterwards. Apparently homeschooling is a very foreign thing to most people...Anyway, the first question is usually "Do you get to wear your pajamas to school?!?!?" My response is usually something like ".......Uh......Yeah...." And then they scream how lucky I am. The next question is, of course, "What time do you have to wake up?" "Depends on the day...Sometimes I sleep until 10 and other days I wake up at 7." Some of the other questions are:
"What time do you get out of school?"
"How do you know what to do?"
"Where do you get your school books?"
And the most popular question, "But...where do you get your socialization?"
Just because I'm homeschooled does not mean I don't have a social life. I'm actively involved in my church. On a regular basis I'm at church 4 times a week for youth groups, AWANA program and bible study. Plus I have friends from there that I hang out with on the weekends. I also have friends from a camp I attend every year and we keep in touch over the winter and fall.
For the rest of the questions, my mom gets my school books online.
"How do I know what to do?" I just do the next lesson.
I know your all probably still very confused about homeschooling. I didn't cover all of the strange questions I get. But if you have any questions, comment! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Reading List

Well since I love to write one thing that helps is reading. I LOVE to read books. I read a lot. Mostly Star Wars books, but in some cases I will read a non Star Wars book. Right now I have so many books that I need to read! I am currently reading Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber. I'm also reading a few books on how to get published. On top of reading those I read my favorite Ultimate X-Men comics. Plus I always need to make sure that I don't forget to read my Bible every day, because that is the most important book. Also on my reading list I have:
The New Jedi Order Series (Multiple authors)
The Young Jedi Knights Series (By Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta)
The Force Unleashed 1 and 2 (By Sean Williams)
Galaxy Of Fear series
Jr. Jedi Knights
and any other Star Wars book I can get my hands on! All this reading and its funny how I still have time to write my blogs! Well that's all for today! Bye!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Blogging...

Hey! Just wanted to let you know I didn't just fall off the face of the earth or anything. So, I'm kinda bored and I realized that I haven't blogged in a long time. I'm not really sure what I'm going to blog about....hahaha. My writing has been going good. I'm working on writing a new book. It's going alright. So I'm working on a new book plus trying to rewrite my older one. Fun huh? Yeah. Plus having to tackle school. Overall its not that difficult. I doubt anyone enjoyed this blog, I just felt like throwing that out there. I hope you have a fun day! Jesus Saves<3