Friday, July 27, 2012

A Story To Give Hope To The Homeless: Part 5

I'm way behind on this but better late then never right? Well, 2 years ago I had just left a homeless shelter and then spent some time at Camp. After Camp I moved in with a young women from our church and her son. Me and my sister moved in there. Into their 2 bedroom apartment. This women had a lot going on in her life and really, she couldn't take in two girls. But she did. She opened up her house to us like we were family. But we ended up living there at least a month and a half. Maybe 2 months. That in of itself was significant. I hadn't stayed anywhere for over a month since my apartment. She helped me with school and she would stay up late to talk to me and my sister. She would ask us about how we felt.

   But of course lice was going around so we ended up getting it at some point of us living there. I could go on rants for days about that. I don't really mind having lice, but I despise how I'm treated when (and months after) I have lice. I feel like an outcast. Because it would be the end of the world if someone got a stinkin bug on their head so don't you dare go within a 20 foot radius of my kid! Ok, I'll take a breather. But that's how I felt. It hurt me a lot emotionally. But this women...she didn't panic that we had lice. Not even a little. She set rules: Vacuum the bed every day and we'll comb your hair every night. And we worked through it. She made it fun. Every night while she combed through our hair we would talk and paint our nails. She asked us about how we felt being homeless and really allowed us to talk about how we felt. So I was okay. I actually enjoyed it.

   I remember one day she took me and some friends to Navy Pier and I rode the Ferris wheel for the first time. Yeah I was scared out of my mind and I practically cried a was fun. My family would often visit us while we were living there and spend the day with us. It was truly an amazing experience that I could never thank them enough for.

   But of course that day came. They were leaving for Camp. Meaning: We had to leave. That day was the first time I almost panicked. We had been homeless for over 5 months now and that night...I was scared. No one could take us. No one. I can see it all. I was standing outside a friends house by our van and the adults were talking. My family had to leave the shelter soon (because they would only allow you to say for so long.) so me and my sister would just sleep in the car for a few days. No big deal. We would be ok. But still...after 5 months we were finally out of options. With no where else to go. Then a women steps in. She volunteered to take us for a few days, until my family left the shelter and we would then move somewhere else. Again: God provided. Even when it got scary, He was there. So we stayed there. Of course, with me being as emotional as I am, I cried myself to sleep. I missed the family I had lived with. I hated goodbyes. I cried myself to sleep the next night too. I missed them so much it hurt. But this other family I stayed with for a few days was very gracious to me and I am so thankful that God provided!

   I still held on to the verse I had heard back in March. Though I couldn't remember the reference at the time I remembered that God spoke to me and said "I will build you a house." 5 months. No house. Patience. I would need some. But I knew God had a plan. He always had. Not once had I had to be actually homeless and live on the streets. Though I almost had to sleep in my car, I would have been fine. I still had so much to be grateful for. God's hand was in it all. Slowly molding me and setting things into motion to create a beautiful story.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Well, recently I've been listening to this song called War by Trip Lee a lot. And its really gotten me thinking. The lyrics are crazy good and I love the picture it puts in your head. So I've been thinking about war and this fight that we're in spiritually. This also might have to do with the fact I'm in LOVE with the show Falling Skies which is a show about war and how I've been reading The New Jedi Order series which is also about war. So yeah. That might explain something.

   But we are in a battle. A spiritual battle. God has been calling me to read Ephesians 6:10-19 lately. Its about the full armor of God. I love it when they use analogies in the bible because it gives you a picture and helps you to understand it better. God does that for me a lot, He'll teach me something using things I love or have more knowledge of. But this chapter is really cool. God gives us everything we need to stand firm. A helmet (of salvation), the belt (of truth), shoes (of peace), the shield (of faith), and the sword (of the spirit.) In Ephesians 6:10 it says "Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might." Not our own strength. But to rely on Him because He is so much stronger! We are weak. So let God be your strength.

   We have an enemy. The Devil. He will do anything to cause us to sin or believe lies. But we have our shields (I don't know about you but my personal shield looks like Captain America's.) to deflect the flaming arrows of the evil one. In our world today we are lied to all the time. Lies are everywhere. We are constantly being told what to think and how to live. But we need to put on the belt of truth. The belt it what will hold it all together. We are held together by truth.

   Then there's the other kind of war. The war inside. This concept came from a song by Switchfoot called The War Inside. But it's so true! It says "Every fight comes from the fight within." Let that sink in for a second. Everyone has a fight going on within them. Something they struggle with. Sometimes the fight even comes out. Like when your internally struggling with something and then someone does a little thing to upset you and you blow up on them. Of course its not their fault. There might be a war raging on within you. Ask God to help you win that war. Whatever it is. Use the armor that He gave you. You can overcome this. Whatever it is your facing, you can defeat. Be strong in the Lord. Not in your own strength. The Lord's.

   Sometimes the fight seems impossible to win. In the beginning of War (by Trip Lee) he describes the war we're in. It's insane. He says how hard it is and  describes the destruction and chaos that's going on. But then the King comes in and rescues us. He saves us. I would recommend listening to that song. Its amazing. Overcome the war inside. God promises that He'll win the spiritual battle. We know that from the book of Revelation. But the war that rages within you. Let go of whatever is holding you back and give it to God. You don't have to fight this on your own. There are people in your life to help you, and God will be with you. Always.

Today you fight. You will be strong.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Men Of God

Hello! I've just had so many blog idea's running through my head since I got back from camp! I don't even know what to say! At camp I was so overwhelmed with love! It seemed that everywhere I went someone would do something nice for me. Not just friends. But random people! This really inspired me! I could blog for hours about how happy those little things made me but I believe I've already blogged about something very similar. But today I want to talk to a little bit of a different audience then I normally try to reach out to. Considering my blog looks super girly and all that. I want to talk about what I think a gentlemen is. On my missions trip and camp I got to encounter many gentlemen who were on fire for God! It was so inspiring! I think that nowadays we rarely see guys like that. Guys who love God with all their hearts and really show it! I love seeing people worship and up at camp worship was taken to a whole new level for me! People were TOTALLY undignified! It was amazing! There were especially this group of people who were totally all in it! I loved it! Seeing them worship has really inspired me! I think its amazing for a guy to love God and to be able to worship without caring what others might think.
   Also, when I think of guys I think "Leaders." Because that's what God has called you to be! I think Joshua 1:9 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid nor dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." This is one of my favorite verses because fear has always been a hard thing for me. But I especially think that you, as guys, should really take heart what this verse says. God has commanded you to be strong! To rise up and lead! Not to brag or anything but I think my older brother is a fine example to an aspiring man of God. He was one of the student leaders on my missions trip and man...I was so mad I wasn't on his team. He is such a good leader!
   Another important quality for guys is to have respect and love. Show respect to everyone, but especially to girls! Don't push her to cross her boundaries or anything. Give her your utmost respect.
   Along with that, you must be selfless. Putting others interests above your own. Of course, girls, you gotta do that too. Be kind to everyone. I was amazed by how courteous and kind everyone was at camp. You should desire to just be kindness! All the time! Think outside the box! I had a few guys go out of their way for me and the impact you can have on a person is crazy! But it could be just be, I love looking at all the little details. Sometimes it takes courage and you may never know if you helped at all, but do it because God calls you to be a light!
   One more thing: Help each other! Encourage each other! If you see one of your brothers falling, help him! God gives us people in our lives to help us, and some to help. So find all those people.
   But the most important thing about being a man of God is actively pursuing Christ! Always try to live your life for Him, not to please others. God has some big plans ahead of you. So it's time to step up and be courageous! I have to post a link to an amazing song that should really inspire you as guys to step up, be audacious, and live your life for Christ and not fall into the patterns of this world. So I hope to see a lot more guys on fire for God! Thanks for reading!
^Man Up Anthem-116 Clique

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Well since its 7am and I've hardly slept so I wanted to blog. Since I've already watched every single episode of the new season of Falling Skies.....ok, moving on. I wanted to do something for God. Because I'm awake for a reason. I should not be up. But since I have extra time on my hands I wanted to use it for Him. Instead I've been watching TV and checking my Facebook and Twitter and etc. But I just want to thank God for everything He's given me. Yes, I have my struggles. A few of them. But I have a roof over my head, food in my pantry, and a family that loves me to pieces. On top of all of those things God has given me blessings beyond all that I ever deserved! I have a TV with cable, friends that put up with my weirdness, a phone, an amazing best friend, insurance that's paying for my braces, and gluten free brownies! I have so much more then I deserve. God gave me eternal life. What more could I have asked for? But He has blessed me with SO much!
   Today I couldn't sleep because my braces hurt to bad but I didn't want to sit here and cry and feel sorry for myself. Jesus went through far more pain then I did. I will live. This pain is just momentary. It'll hopefully be gone within the next few days. So yeah. Today, thank God for all that He's given you. Because each of us our blessed.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Star Wars Quotes

I'm going to go all Geek on you guys but I just wanted to share a few (and by a few I mean a book full) of some amazing lines from the Star Wars universe. I have debated making a separate blog for all my geeky posts but until I come  to a solid conclusion you'll have to deal with this. I have all my posts labeled so you can find them by topic. Loki dokie? Cool. This is gonna be super long I might not even get to put all of them in it. Some are going to be funny and some will be seriously. But enjoy!

"Every Jedi Knight has to be his own light, because the light shouldn't go out just because the Jedi dies."-Anakin Solo

"Urgency without panic, action without thoughtlessness."-Corran Horn

"Selflessness is the only antidote to evil. It provides a light that destroys the dark."-Corran Horn

"Those who have their mouths open all the time generally have their ears shut."-Barriss Offee

"The antidote to the dark side is the light side."-Kirana Ti

"If you cannot recognize the man in the mirror, it's time to step back and see when you stopped being yourself."-Corran Horn

"Lies come easier then truth, and at a lower cost."-Qui-Gon Jinn

"Do not meet hate with hate, meet it with purpose."-Qui-Gon Jinn

"The darker the shadow, the brighter the light that casts it."-Tahiri Veila

"There's a difference between finding trouble in your path and going out of your way searching for it."-Jacen Solo

"The unknown is a place where we can discover who we really are."-Obi-Wan Kenobi

"One can fail at a task but still learn the lesson."-Luminara Unduli

"Don't confuse refusing help with not needing it."-Leia Organa

"Never step into the same river twice can you. Each time the river hurries on, each time he that steps has changed."-Yoda

"Don't lose track of praise even in a stream of constructive criticism. Or vice versa."-Luke Skywalker

"I get it now...everything that's happened all my life...You shaped me to do this."-Cade Skywalker

"I can change. It won't be easy but it'll be worth it."-Mara Jade

"Remember I promised that when all seemed dark, I would be a light for you as you were for me."-Aayla Secura

"There's rights...and there's right."-Mara Jade

"You can't hear a whisper if you're constantly shouting."-Mara Jade

"I want you to know-all that anger and hate-I didn't bring it with me. Tell Jaina I forgive her."-Jacen Solo

"Being abandoned to my enemies, abandoned by one for whom I had once considerable affection and respect was like being murdered...and surviving."-Jacen Solo

"I have our tactic. When the rocks fall, we get out of the way."-Ben

"Anakin, your name reminds me of hope. Hope that even if a Jedi uses his powers for the dark side, he can still choose to turn back to the light."-Leia Organa

Well, I still have many more amazing quotes where that came from. I also have lists of funny ones. But in order to not bore people I won't make it any longer. Did I miss any good ones? Put them in the comments or tell me what you think! Which ones were your favorites?

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Story To Give Hope To The Homeless: Part 4

After we left our friends apartment we moved into my grandfathers basement. My grandpa was in the hospital at the time and so his house was vacant. We stayed in the tiny basement for two weeks until we had to leave. My older brother stayed the night a few times while we were there so we had our family together again for two days. But then the time came. We couldn't stay in the basement any more and there was no where else to go. We had to move to a homeless shelter. The shelter was actually very nice. We got two big bedrooms and two bathrooms and the doors locked so we didn't have to worry about people stealing our things. There were a few negative things about it though. We couldn't have sleepovers and we needed to be back in the shelter by 10pm. The problem with the No Sleepovers rule was that me and my sister were planning on going to camp that month, but once we signed out...we could never come back.
   But we moved in anyway and we decided to worry about camp when the time came. Living at the shelter was interesting. Mostly boring at times. The food there wasn't that great but we went anyway. Every day we would go to a Walgreen's that was two blocks away and we would get a little snack. We ended up becoming good friends with one of the ladies who worked there. We say we "adopted her." Even now I call her my big sister. I honestly don't think my 3 year old sister realizes that we aren't actually related to her...oh well. I'm not going to be the one to break her heart.
   But there was so much pain and sadness confined in that shelter. Most of its occupants were single mothers of many children. It broke my heart to see them struggle. They needed Christ SO badly! Looking back on it, I wish I would have done something. I often smiled towards this little girl during the meals and played Peek-A-Boo. Her smile made the meals less boring. I didn't like sitting in that cafeteria while my siblings took forever to finish eating but that was all I did. I never shared the gospel or did anything. But I did pray for them. Every day. Even now. I was content with being in a homeless shelter, but because I knew God had a plan. These people didn't know that. They had no hope.
   It was a crazy month. One day the fire alarm went off at 6am and we had to evacuate the building. We lived 4 blocks away from the beach...we only went there twice. But I can still remember the day I left. I packed my bags and went down into the lobby with my family. Every day when we left we had to sign out on a sheet of paper, so when I left my mom had to sign a piece of paper saying I was leaving. I watched her hand as it shook to sign it. I told myself I wouldn't cry, but when my mom shed a tear I lost it. We both cried as we went out to the car to take me to the bus that would take me to camp for a week. It was sad. I cried when I left on the bus and I waved goodbye to my family. I cried like a little girl. Yet God still had a plan. He continued to guide me and I didn't know it then, but He was making me to be the person He wants me to be. Every time I moved, every time someone hurt me, every tear I shed...that was all God.