Missions Trip 2012

Oh.my.gosh. I don't even know where to begin. I feel so overwhelmed with emotion. Like, I miss it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I got to do a backyard bible study for kids living in government funded housing. The very first day I just knew I loved them. The ages were from 2 years old all the way to 13. Even some adults stayed the last day. It was crazy. These kids had such a knowledge of the bible it blew my mind! The kids had adorable southern accents! hahaha. I got to witness to at least 3 people on my crews mission site. Me and my friend also got to have a bible debate with a super smart 12 year old. He was crazy good. I learned just how easy it is to share the gospel. Now, I know its not always easy, but it's a lot easier then I thought. I also got to share my testimony with one of the older girls and I taught the bible study once. I almost cried. The kids were incredible. I will NEVER forget them.
   The worship was mind blowing! One night I got to stand on a huge balcony platform. It was so cool to see all these teenagers lifting their hands and praising God. The speaker was AWESOME! He was also super funny! The theme was Audacious. I certainly want to be audacious! I just want to shout about God's love to everyone! I started to make a mental list of people who might need Christ and me and my friend are working on ways to witness to them! I can FEEL myself changing every day, slowly becoming to person God wants me to be. I am meant to be courageous. I'm so excited!
   Another thing I learned SO much about is kindness! Everyone there was so.very.nice! It was crazy! I had like 5 people tell me they loved my shirt (with much enthusiasm may I add.), some girl offer me Twizzlers, and everyone was just randomly introducing themselves to me! It was amazing! But I also learned a lot from my church group and my crew. Well, when I worship I usually like to do it alone. It just helps me concentrate I guess. Well...people from my church decided I couldn't be alone. The first day one of my good friends came up to me while I was crying and gave me a hug and sat by me. Then the next day some other kid who isn't exactly my friend came and sat by me and told me he didn't want me to be alone. Then the next day I sat in the very back row and some kid I didn't really know at all came up and sat by me. These people literally made me SOO happy! I'm still smiling about it. Yeah, I really had wanted to be alone but I was to happy to be mad. I love it when people think outside the box. How much courage did it take to go and sit by a girl they didn't really know? That's kindness. It really touched me. Mainly because I get so inspired by all the little things that people do. Anything can make me happy.
   I was also so inspired to see the teenage boys on my crew interacting and playing around with the kids. One day I looked over and all the kids were playing follow the leader with a guy from my crew. Among other things like that I saw them witnessing, playing with the toddler and doing crazy handshakes with them. It was incredible!
   Wow. I wish I could tell you every single detail about it but I can't. I need some sleep. haha. Maybe I'll tell you more about the trip tomorrow. God.is.AWESOME!


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