Sunday, January 22, 2012


As I stood there in an empty pew a few rows back from where everyone else stood singing I got so caught up in the moment like I did every Sunday night at my youth groups worship time.
Worship always freed me. Not Sunday morning worship, Sunday night. At youth group. Not that our worship pastor wasn't good, but it all had to do with the atmosphere; who I was around, what songs we were singing, that sort of thing. I had never stood in my own pew before for worship until last week when I had left the sanctuary for a moment, when I came back I didn't want to disturb anyone so i went to one of the end rows.
It was amazing.
From there I could see everyone being so undignified for the Lord. People were standing on the pews, ballroom dancing, raising their hands and just being crazy on fire for God.
The sight brought a huge smile to my face. It made me dance too. I realized that it was here, sitting in the way back, yet surrounded by people, that I found I could be undignified too. It was a feeling I couldn't explain to you. It wasn't something I could get a Sunday morning church service. Only here.
When I listened to the songs I sang my heart out. Whenever I'm there it's just me and God. I know that no matter where I am or what I'm dealing with that God is holding me. It's just a sense of comfort that I crave all week long for.
Teenagers from all different backgrounds with all different stories coming together to worship God.
It was truly amazing.
One of my favorite things is watching everyone else worship. Their hands are raised high and you can just tell that they have such a heart for God. It's awesome.
I'm so thankful for those moments, though I wish they would last longer then a couple of songs.
Thank you for everyone who has inspired me over the years and who continue to inspire me. Thank you for all you teenagers that love God and aren't afraid to show it. You truly amaze me.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

MY God Is Healer

Hey! So for a while now I've been wanting to write this and it seems every time I go to write it I forget what I want to write.
Anyways, So I've known about Jesus my whole life. I grew up in church with my whole family being saved. I finally became a real Christian when I turned 8 and I accepted Jesus for myself. So I grew up hearing stories about how Jesus could perform miracles calm stromy waters, heal people and bring the dead back to life.
I would always think "Oh yeah that's really cool! But that doesn't really effect me so..."
Then I thought about it. The women in Luke 8:43-50 was healed by simply touching Jesus' robe and having faith! There are several stories in the Bible of people who were healed by Jesus. The sad thing is I never thought much of it...until now.
MY God is a God who heals! He didn't even need to be near them to heal them! That's how awesome He is! It's amazing that the God who brought Jesus back to life is on my side. He's the one holding me. When I think about it that way I feel so foolish for ever doubting God for even a second!
I'm really into the Percy Jackson/Heroes Of Olympus book series'. Their about the old Greek and Roman gods and such. The one thing I've realized by reading those books is that I am SO thankful the real God isn't like that! Oh my gosh I'm so thankful! MY God, the real God, loves me and wants whats best for me and has a plan for me!
When I first got sick I was thinking things like "What? I thought God had a plan for me! What about going to China and all this stuff God wants me to do?" But I realized that yes, God has plans for me. But when He Created me He knew I would get sick. That didn't surprise Him. When He thought of His plans for me, He made me able to accomplish them being sick.
I have everything I need to live a life for Christ. Yes, it's hard, yes it hurts, yes some times I just want to get better so I can play broomball because I'm a teenager and that's all I want to do. But I'll be ok. God's plans are better then my own.
Well, I hope you have enjoyed my blog for tonight.
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hey! I haven't been blogging a lot. I usually blog when an idea or something comes to me. Anyways, I was just thinking today about...well, life in general. I tend to do a lot of thinking, and one of the things I've always wondered about was how people see me. There's so much to know about me and it's really easy to get a misconception of who I am. I know some people have at least a little misconception of me. So allow me to really introduce myself; who I really am.
I'm Faith. I'm a teenager; the second oldest in a family of 8 kids and my mom and dad. I love my family. There are 4 boys and 3 girls.
For a girl my age I guess you could say I've been through a lot. But all the things I've gone through have taught me so much about God, who I am, and life.
There is so much in this life I love. My friends mean the world to me. I really believe in the power that words have. Its weird to think that what I say can either make or break someone.
My hobbies included singing, listening to music, writing of any sort, reading, taking pictures and exercising. Just to name a few.
As of my personality, some people like to think I'm a girly girl, others think I'm a tomboy. The truth? I'm neither. I'm not labeled by either of the two, I'm me. Faith. I love God and I just want His glory to shine in my life. I want to change lives through my unique story.
I'm funny, a total geek, and kind of shy when you first meet me.
I write books, songs, reports, blogs, pretty much everything except poems. I don't get the point of poems.
One day I want to go to China. I would love to adopt a baby girl from there.
I LOVE sports. I like playing sports more then watching them though. My favorite sports to play are dodgeball (which isn't really a sport but whatever.), broomball, hockey, baseball and football.
I'm a rebel. By rebel I mean follower of Christ. I say I'm a rebel because rebel is someone not following the crowd; rebelling. This world doesn't follow Christ, therefore I'm the rebel.
Yes, I love dying my hair. I'm not to good at it and I have a brief moment of panic before the dye touches my hair (I hate permanent change. I also hate making decisions!) I currently have blue streaks in my hair. The first time I did my hair I was 11 and I did it pretty much all purple. It was awesome.
I HATE following the crowd!!! If everyone likes something, I hate it. (Unless of course I started it.) I strongly dislike the movie Despicable Me simple because everyone I know likes it. I'm weird, I know, I've been told. Oh well.
There is so much to me that can't even be described in this post. I'm a very complex person.
But to sum it all up, I'm in love with Star Wars, I'm a rebel, God is my life, and I love the little details!
And the best part about this is? I don't care what people think! Mock me, call me a geek or a Jesus freak. I'll get over it. Yes the power of words in incredible, but what you say is between you and God.
I also know you can even get a misconception of me through this blog, I may not have made myself clear or may have said things wrong in some parts. So if you really really want to know me, just talk to me.
I hope you've enjoyed this super long (and probably boring.) post. Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Never Tell Me The Odds

Hey! So I've been wanting to blog for a while now but I didn't know what to blog about. But today my mom told me to blog about what it's like having ITP. So this should be interesting.
When I was first diagnosed with ITP I was kind of like "Ok, I'm sick. I've never been this kind of sick before. Hmm. God will take care of it." As it went on and I was going to the doctor every week to get blood drawn it was rather annoying. Mondays became "Doctor Day" because every Monday I would go to the hospital to get blood drawn.
Most of the time I was fine with having ITP. But I've found it the hardest to deal with being sick on Sundays. Sunday night I have my amazing youth group. We start off the night by playing a really fun game...but now I can't play the games. I've always loved being active and playing sports so not being able to play crushed me.
The first few weeks it was alright and I knew I would get better eventually. But the longer I was sick and the more doctors appointments I had the more would get discouraged. I've had ITP for a long time now, and my doctor has said its a possibility that I may never get better. That my blood platelets may never rise. When I found that out I wanted to cry. What was she saying? I may never be able to play sports again? What about dodgeball, broomball, ice skating? This couldn't happen!
I don't remember exactly what happened but chances are I cried myself to sleep that night.
Some days I'm amazing and I have total faith in God but other days when I think about what I'm missing I start to lose faith.
I try to remember that my God is a God who heals. He raised Jesus from the dead, made the blind see and the mute talk! MY God!
Even with all the odds stacked against me, I have God on my side! And I will quote Han Solo just because I'm a geek, "Never tell me the odds." You know why? Because the odds are nothing. I have God and nothing will be impossible with Him. I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me.
I don't care what any doctors say. Doctors said my mother would never have children. She's now the mom of 8. Sounds to me like she beat those odds.
So what about me? My life is in God's hands. He's going to do awesome things through this rough time. I would rather my future be in His hands then my own. Because if I could have my way I would be better. But that's obviously not God's plan. That doesn't mean I'm going to have 100% faith in Him 100% of the time. Things will be hard, He never promised it would be easy. But He promised He would be with me. And He is.