Missions Trip!

Hey! Today's the day! At midnight tonight I'll be heading off for my second missions trip! Me and my amazing crew of 15 (I think) will be doing a backyard bible study for kids! We don't really know to much but I think we're going to be doing it for kids from families with low income. When I heard they were from families with not a lot of money, God tugged at my heart. Then they mentioned that some of the parents may stay too, and that we should talk to them to be a light for them. Wow. Yeah, God spoke to me. This hit close to home for me. Some of these people were living in government founded homes because they can't afford their own. I've been praying a ton that God will use me in the lives of these families. I want to share my story and all that God has brought me through. Please pray that I'll be able to do that.
   Also, I'm really hoping I'll have the energy that I need. It's going to be an 11 hour car ride. So all night while your sound asleep in your comfortable beds, I'll be in a huge hot van full of sweating teenagers. Yeah. I hope I'll be able to sleep. I'm also super tired already and my head is pounding.
   Please keep me and all 34 of us that will be going on this trip. Pray that God will use us and keep us safe.
   Thank you! Have an amazing week and may the Force be with you!


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