Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy 4th Blogversary!

   I am sooooooooooo sorry I was so busy on the 26th I didn't get to finish writing this post. So lets pretend its still my blogversary! Yay!

   Today is the day.....

   I've been blogging for 4 WHOLE YEARS TO THIS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   I am SO EXCITED!!!!!

   I'm not creative enough to think of something super fun to do for this special occasion but I wanted to share with you the history of Princess Faith and my blogging history and also a few things about myself personally.

   I remember the day I got this blog. I had written something to submit to a website called Operation Beautiful. When I sent it in they said I could share the story on my blog too. I had just turned 13 and I had no idea what a blog was. My mom asked me if I wanted to make one so I said sure. I had no idea what I had just gotten myself into. She asked me what my blog title should be and I had no clue. She said "How about...Princess Faith?" I said sure. I knew the meaning behind the name; yeah I'm God's princess. That's cute. Why not? So I shared the story I had written for the website on there too. (Don't you dare go dig that up its awful.) On October 26th, 2009, my blog was made. That was the only post I made the rest of the year and I didn't blog again until August 5th of 2010; while I was homeless. I wrote 3 pathetic posts that year. It's sad looking back on that now because I actually could have done so much better. So there were a few super short posts here and there but it was in the summer of 2011 that I found out what I wanted to use my blog for. I was very troubled by a police investigation that's publicity had gone viral. The case of Casey Anthony. It pounded on my heart and troubled my mind almost daily. I was fed up with it. I needed people to know what I had to say, so I blogged about it. I called it 'Forgiven'. (Press the title for the link.) And that's how I fell in love.

   I had found a place where my voice could be heard and I could make a difference and could express my thoughts and feelings in a healthy way. I realized that writing things out helps me think clearer and also that I loved talking about things I was passionate about. So after that I started to blog a bit more regularly and I got a bit deeper. (I was still very young so they aren't that good...but I was trying!) One day I went to the hospital to meet with a doctor to talk about my ITP and for her to check up on me and I saw a little boy. He changed me. He gave me perspective. And though I only saw him once, I never forgot him. I wrote about him and to this day that post is on my top 5 most viewed posts. (You can read it at this link--> Faith Like A Childs) In 2012 my blog really took off with a total of 54 posts that year as opposed to the 11 I had the previous year. Also in June of that year I redesigned my blog. I've only done that once so it was a big deal.

   I am so honored to be able to write for 50 amazing people who take the time to read my blog full of random thoughts. Its something I never thought I would be doing and I never thought it would get this far. Its funny because most of my friends are totally perplexed by the idea of blogging and I was the same way at first. But once I found my rhythm, it was easy. Blogging has become an anchor of mine. It keeps me steady when the storms come. So thank you! I probably wouldn't be blogging so much if I didn't have people I knew who read it. I've had over 6,300 pageviews in these long four years! That blows my mind! I've had viewers from Canada, (you people rock! I love Canada!) Russia, Germany, the UK, Ukraine, Australia, France, and Israel! I also have a follower from Indonesia! (Love you Delvalina!)  So a huge thank you for everything you guys do! Your comments make my day.

   Now I'm going to throw out some random things. First: here are my top 5 most viewed blog posts. If you've never read them, they're apparently worth reading so I encourage you to check them out. Starting from number 5...

   #5. Welcome Izabelle Grace!
   This is the post where I show pictures of when my sister was born! Its a new one so its made it to the top very quickly.

   #4. Faith Like A Childs
   I mentioned this one earlier, its the one I wrote about the little boy at my doctors office. It was number one for a very long time but has since been moved down the list.

   #3. Love Is...
   I tear about the passage in 2 Corinthians 14 in this post. I've still been learning what love is. And to kind of add to this post I've learned one thing this week about what love is. Love is saying through tears and a clenched jaw, "I'll still fight for you."

   #2. Dear My Future Boyfriend
   You guys make me laugh. I had just written this post because...well, I was thinking about dating. It wasn't even supposed to be much but I got pretty into it. My Mom told me to tweet #DearMyFutureBoyfriend but I couldn't fit it into 120 characters so I decided to write a blog post...and of course nearly all of my church family read it. *facepalm* Why?! lol. Thanks guys.

   #1. Silas Edenfield
   I am so pleased that this is my most viewed post. Silas deserves it. I had the honor of meeting him in a dream a few nights ago. It made me happy and also made my heart ache. God is holding him tightly up there. He has his new body and is cancer free.

   Four years of Princess Faith.

   The question is: where to from here?

   Well, here are some goals I want accomplish over the next few blogging years. Some I'll be getting checked off the list in a few weeks or months, but others could take a while.

   -Get over 100 followers.
   -Update my photography page.
   -Get hundreds of likes on my Facebook page.
   -Get a follower from Ireland. (I'm in love with Ireland, ok?)
   -New theme some day?
   -Have a guest writer

   And that's all! THANK YOU A FREAKIN LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And since I love you all so much I'm going to throw in some shout outs to some of my favorite blogs!

   In The Shade Of My Wide Brimmed Hat
   To Thine Own Self Be True
   Thoughts From A Vintage Teen
   The Thoughts Of A Girl Who Writes To Inspire
   Pen And Camera
   Not Just A Teen
   Life On The Ark
   J And J Productions
   I Write...Monkeys

   And my all time favorite blogger/blog goes to Edessa Carrick of Holonet Entertainment Daily. Because I had no idea that there were other people just like me in the world until I found her blog. Her blog was the first one I started following where I didn't personally know the author. But I've gotten to talk to her some and she's amazing. So seriously follow her.

   Also, you should go like my Facebook page! Princess Faith Facebook page link!

   God bless every single one of you and may the Force be with you! Here are some pictures for you!<3 br="">  

Monday, October 14, 2013

Overcoming Obstacles

Today I had my first real college visit. I've tagged along for a few college visits with my brother but this was the first time I went to talk about me and my future. It was weird. And I feel old. But despite that I really enjoyed it. I got to talk to a psychology professor which was really cool and he was really nice. I also went to a college fair last Monday so I've been talking to a lot of places about their psychology departments and their programs and such. I love talking psych but honestly I got pretty freaked out over all of this. I've never been good at school so all of this is coming on so suddenly. When hard times hit we really only have two options; one is to hide away and give up, and the other is to brace yourself and fight on. I've always been a fighter but when it came to school I tend to do the former option rather than the latter. Because I would much rather give up than do one more math problem or flip through pages of a science book to conquer my confusion. Its just so much easier. But this time I have something to fight for.

   Before my Rise Above It Missions days I didn't really had a purpose. I mean, I knew I had one but I had no idea what it was. I knew I wanted to change lives but that's a pretty broad field. I had no idea how I should go about doing that. But now that I have RAIM and now that God has given me a vision of where I want to go with it, I have a reason to try. So when I start to feel discouraged about my school work and when I get frustrated I can just think of my RAIM kids and how much I love talking to them and how sometimes I can't always help them and how much more I would be able to do after I go to college. I can picture God changing lives through me at a Rise Above It recovery center.

   But honestly, I am scared. Its not easy to do this, especially not for me. Every time they mention how many years of college I'm looking at I cringe and think "I can't freakin do this." But God says otherwise. In the book I'm reading there was a scripture passage in it and it really spoke to me. Deuteronomy 30:11 "For this commandment which I commanded you today is not too difficult for you, nor is it out of reach." Yes this passage is God talking to the Israelites but it was a reminder that God doesn't give you tasks that are too hard. He gave me this vision and this passion because He knew I could do it. It doesn't mean that its going to be a walk in the park, but its attainable. Because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

   As I plan out how much work I'm going to have to do I start to stress until I remind myself that I can do it. There will always be people who don't think I can do it and the world is going to tell me its not worth it. I know the devil has already been feeding me lies and telling me I'm too stupid for this field of work and I'm not smart enough. That's why I have God's truth. I can do this. I can overcome any obstacle in my way because Christ has enabled me to do so. God doesn't tell you to do something you are unable of. He see's so much more in us than we see in ourselves. That truth has been such a blessing to me in so many areas of my life. There have been many times that God has told me to do some things that I thought were waaaaaaay too hard, but He reminds me that I can do this. I have a hard time with confidence and its something I've really been working on as of late but its a long process and a hard thing to gain. I doubt myself so much and I don't know my own strength. But He is teaching me. One thing my small group leader said in group a few weeks ago is how God became manifested in us. That's insane! Like...I can't stress that enough. That's incredible power. And its in us. That's the same power that we read about Jesus having all throughout Scripture. A few months ago I decided that I wanted to pursue a life like Jesus lead. I knew I had that power in me and I wanted it. I began to crave it. Some days I have a hard time focusing on God but that desire is always there. Because even when I'm not 100% focused, I always want to be. That's what I want for my life. I want to be like Jesus. That sounds like a crazy, totally unattainable goal, but isn't what that God had intended? Do we really ask ourselves 'what would Jesus do?' enough?

   Sorry I sort of strayed from the initial point of the post but I had to mention all of that. I know in some areas of life it seems that we are unable to accomplish our goals, but know that God has given you all that you need to live for Him.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

So Today...

Hello people!

   I feel oddly inspired today and I feel like doing a random post for no reason. So now you will be forced (well, I suppose you don't have to read if you don't want to.) So what am I up to? You're about to find out.

   Right now I'm wearing my brand new Breakfast Club shirt, sipping hot chocolate for heat for my sore throat, watching Sixteen Candles, and writing songs. Its a good day. I went out to the mall earlier today with my dad for a late birthday present. That's where I got the shirt I'm wearing along with a Star Wars shirt and a Loki shirt! (AHHH LOKI!!!!!)

   I've been listening to a lot of amazing music lately and having many music marathons. Mostly FM Static. So my playlist for the week is as follows:

I'd Do Anything For You-Foster The People
The Unavoidable Battle Of Feeling On The Outside-FM Static (This song fits me perfectly. I love it.)
I'm In Love With The 80's (Pink Tux To The Prom)-Relient K. (Forever my favorite song.)
Stomach Tied In Knots-Sleeping With Sirens
Tonight-FM Static
Terrible Things-Mayday Parade
Brave-Nichole Nordeman
Every Little Thing-Hawk Nelson (Acoustic!)
Stay Beautiful-Taylor Swift
Cool Kids-Echosmith
The Sandlot Theme music (<3 p="">Little Things-One Direction (Don't hate.)
Kitchen Sink-Twenty One Pilots

   I've also been watching an unhealthy amount of Magic School Bus because its on Netflix now. That show is seriously my childhood! I love it! I also started reading the Reluctant Prophet by Nancy Rue and I really like it so far. Oh! I watched the Hobbit this week too! For the second time. The new trailer for the second one looked awesome so that was really exciting. When I went to the movies last night (I saw Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2. Meh....) I saw the posters for the new X-Men: First Class movie and the Winter Soldier!

   I have an uneventful week ahead other than doing stuff for Rise Above It and church/youth group tomorrow. Yay! How was your week?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Geek Fashion

Let me just say that I am seriously the worst when it comes to fashion. And I'm ok with that. I don't know what colors go together and what kinds of pants go with a certains shirt or whatever. I'm awful at it. But I'm also not too worried about it because I don't really dress for ever. But the other day I decided to try and throw together an outfit. Now, being me, I can't just dress stylish without a catch. Nope. So I centered the outfit around a new skirt I got from my aunt...which happened to be a Doctor Who pencil skirt.

   I had about an hour to throw it together before church in the morning and honestly, I was very proud of myself. I'll probably wearing this combination quite often. Though I did realize that I could have thrown my blue scarf with it and that would really make it cool. (Next time for sure.)


   I also got a necklace from a lady from my church the other day and I realized that my new Doctor Who keychain would look awesome on it. So I clipped that on there and it worked perfectly! Not to mention the fact that the first wallet I grabbed out of my drawer because it was blue matched the colors well and also had a bow tie on it! All that and throw on a pair of black high heeled boots...yeah I was looking pretty classy. It was funny because the people who didn't know Doctor Who just thought it was a really funky skirt and thought it looked cool, and the people who knew what it was from thought I was awesome. 

   Yay for Doctor Who skirts! So what do you guys think?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just...Little Things

If you're anything like me then you're probably in love with the little things. On really crappy days (like the past two days I've had...) you should look back and remember those little things. That's what I do. So I want to share some of them with you. A lot of them will be my own personal thoughts but I'm going to get most of them from (If they're from that website than I'll write the number down.) So here is my personal favorite collection of little things!

804. When a friend goes out of their way to help you.
803. Catching someone smiling to themselves.
797. Unexpected hugs.
Hugs in general.
twenty one pilots marathons
Snuggling with a good book
When you hear a song that perfectly matches your situation
Taking the perfect picture
Feeling confident
Getting a letter
Reading an amazing book
Finding a bible verse that speaks to you
789. When someone remembers small details about you
958. People who just get you
954. Listening to music with a new pair of headphones
When someone compliments my blog
Wearing bright red lipstick
780. When someones face lights up when they see you.
775. When someone says something that you were just thinking
771. Getting a text from someone you were just thinking about
768. Finding out you have the same interests as someone else.
Lazy days
758. Unexpected compliments
757. When someone is protective of you
748. Getting lost in a book
That writing rush
When someone says they were thinking about you
939. Inspiring quotes
742. Finally seeing someone you've missed
741. When people come to you for advice
When you're able to give good advice
God highs
732. Finding out that someone still has a gift you gave them a long time ago
When someone smiles at you
728. When people tell you that they saw something that reminded them of you
725. Achieving familial status at a friends house
Camp fires
Feeling infinite
Wearing soft hoodies
That feeling you get when you walk out of a theater after seeing a great movie
719. When someone stands up for you
717. When someone is as excited as you are about something
When your voice sounds perfect when you sing
Beautiful sunrises/sunsets
687. Going through a box of childhood things
684. Finally listening to a song you've had stuck in your head all day
Successfully singing the rap part of a song without messing up
682. Making a reference to something and someone gets it
687. Bonding with someone you never expected to
687. A hug when you needed it the most
665. When someone calls you their best friend
656. When a baby smiles at you
The sound high heels make when you walk in them
When someone says your name in a sentence
When someone says you smell nice
Surprise visits from a friend
Sweet texts
Getting something you've wanted for a long time
Checking something off your bucket list
610. Being in someones profile picture
Random acts of kindness

   These are the things I cling to when I feel down. I love them. So the next time you feel sad, make a list like this or read them on That website is golden I tell you. Now I just want to share a few pictures that I took over the past week or so.