Monday, February 29, 2016

The Oscars

   I watched the Oscar's for the first time last night.

   And it was amazing. Despite the fact that I was crazy sick from using all my spoons to play frisbee and football earlier in the day. Anyhow, by an unplanned turn of events (my mom leaving me at church because I was supposed to have plans with someone else) I ended up at an Oscar party with my Oscar obsessed friends. We got to make predictions about who would win. We ate great pizza. We screamed and aww'd whenever Jacob Tremblay was on screen. I fangirled over Daisy Ridley. Mostly I had to listen to it because the light was really bad for my headache, but I enjoyed it all the same. I got to see all the good parts anyway.

   As for the actual movies that won awards, I thought it was good. I had wanted Room to win best picture, but Spotlight seemed legit too so I'm sure it deserved the win. And Brie Larson, an actress from Short Term 12, my sister's favorite movie, won best actress for Room. I loved Pete Doctor's speech when Inside Out won best animated picture. I loved Lady Gaga's performance of "Til It Happens To You." I loved that everyone cried during that performance because there is something so powerful in crying with other people over the same reason. It's unifying. I loved that Leonardo Dicarpio finally won his Oscar, even though I'm sad my favorite meme is gone. I know he deserved it. Mad Max got so many awards and now I really want to see it. John Williams should have won best score, in my opinion, but heck, what do I know? Overall, it was good. I got 9/24 for my predictions, but hey, that's good for a newbie.

   It made me so happy for so many reasons. I know I certainly didn't look happy because I was curled up in a ball on the couch and even cried sometimes, I was happy. I was overjoyed to be in a house with awesome people watching awesome things on TV.

   I was journaling today about everything and I realized a lot of things.

   I loved the Oscars. Yeah, it had it's flaws. Everyone was complaining about the racisms and Chris Rock's jokes and sometimes he pushed it too far. But I think I enjoyed the sense of community. I loved live tweeting it and seeing my timeline be filled with people all over the place seeing the same thing I was seeing. In a way, the Oscar's is so stupid and pointless, but at the same time its relevant and important. At the end of the day, it doesn't seem to matter and yes we spend too much money on entertainment and there are so many bigger things in the world to be invested in or worry about, but really, its a blessing to be able to come together and watch something bigger than ourselves. I don't know how something can be pointless and so much bigger than ourselves. But art is that contradiction.

   It's incredible to think that those movies are all a part of someone in an intimate way. Like, someone poured their heart and soul into those films. They are someone's dreams and life goals. That's so important. By standing a recognizing those films, we get to be a part in recognizing human life and real people. We get to celebrate the fact that God gave the ability to think creatively.

   I'm even starting to become okay with how they talk politics, which I never thought I would say. A lot of people were offended but you can't please everyone. Chris Rock made a lot of jokes about Hollywood being racist, some were unnecessary, but he was being real. He also said that not everything was an issue of racism and sexism and I loved that because it was true. Just because he said it with a smile on his face didn't make it any less true. I think for a lot of us, humor is a way we can talk about scary things and not be scared by it. I know I do. I know I can either joke about something or cry about something; the latter option always seems best. Tears come but there are times the only way we can express things is through humor. That isn't making light of a situation, but rather, expressing it the only way we are able for a time.

   A lot of people hate how politics is brought into award shows, but in places where art is being recognized there is bound to be politics because they're interwoven. Art is a reflection of who we are as individuals and as a society or culture. Politics is oftentimes involved in those things.

   So I could appreciate all those actors who stood up and used their award as a platform to be an advocate for change even though a lot of them scared the living crap out of me. A lot of those films were about some heavy, yet real, topics and issues we face today. And those topics are scary and triggering. But art isn't always pretty and life is messy and true things can make you uncomfortable and that's okay.

   I loved coming together for something so stupid and pointless and artistic and amazing because that's what it means to be human. I'm often times terrified of living and tomorrow is so uncertain but nights like last night make me remember why I'm so blessed to live here and now. I think Pete Doctor said it best in his acceptance speech when Inside Out won an Oscar. "There are days you're going to feel sad. You're going to feel angry. You're going to feel scared. That's nothing you can choose. But you can make stuff. Make films. Draw. Write. It will make a world of difference."

   And that is does.

   Art and writing and photography have made a world of difference for me. Art has been a way for me to deal with all those emotions and more. When I'm scared, I write until I'm not scared anymore. When I'm sad, I take photos until I'm not sad anymore. I just create things until I can push those emotions out onto that medium.

   I guess that's what the Oscar's meant to me.

   Never stop creating.

   "A human must create. That is why we were created."-Tyler Joseph

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

10 Things I've Learned In College

   I'm only in my second semester of college, but I've already learned a ton about myself and about college and life in a general. And I thought it would be interesting to share what I've learned with you. College life can be tough, and while yes, I'm only taking 13 credit hours, I still get stressed a lot about homework and due dates. I have been attempting to figure out a way to balance school and friends and church and family and personal hobbies; and it is not easy. But I've figured out some tips for you. Enjoy!

   1. You do have the time
   I know. Coming from someone who's barely a full time student sounds like bull crap, and maybe I don't have room to talk. But in November I managed to do tech week plus 6 shows for columbinus, write a 50k word novel with NaNoWriMo, attend church every Sunday, and keep up my grades. So, as the saying goes, you make time for the things that matter. Realistically, how much of your time do you waste? Yeah. A lot. I know. I do it too. So prioritize. Find what matters to you and accept that some things won't make the cut. (Sorry, tumblr.)

   You could also find resting periods. You know, times that you're in limbo. Like for me, I take the bus to school every morning. While I'm waiting for the bus, I like to read instead of listen to music; because that's something I don't always have time to dedicate specifically for that. I've always found it sad how people stop reading for fun in college, so I made it a point to read in those times I'm waiting. If I'm at the doctor, I have a book. Even as I sit in my class room waiting to start, I read. Reading is important. So I make time.

   2. Complaining does literally nothing.
   There are so many memes and Twitter accounts dedicating to complaining about college and while they can be pretty funny, they don't do anything. The only thing complaining helps you do is procrastinate. It also gives you a bad attitude and crappy outlook on things. Seriously. It's nasty. I hate people who say this. but really, be thankful. You get to go to college and meet people and learn! We all love to complain about how useless college is but how many of us have actually tried to get something out of it? Yes, it has it's flaws, but whining about it does nothing to change that. If you feel that passionately about the education system, contact a person of authority at your school or vote for Bernie Sanders.

   3. Make friends
   It's terrifying. I know. But friends in college make the whole experience that much more enjoyable. Plus, they're great because they can give you notes if you've missed class or study with you if you're struggling. So step out of your comfort zone and talk to the kid that sits next to you. College kids don't bite. (Usually.) And nine times out of ten, they're really great people who are just as socially awkward as you. I've met a lot of amazing people at college and I don't know what I would do without them.

   4. Don't procrastinate 
   The most repeated and yet most ignored advice in college.

   But really. It's self explanatory. It's a bad idea.

   5. Use the resources
   Your campus has a ton of resources you might not even be aware of. Most colleges have things such as counselling, gyms, tutoring, informative databases and more! Explore it. Oftentimes, they offer them for free. Take advantage of it. I've been going to my school gym since I started. It's tiny, but its free so I like it. Don't be afraid to ask around and see what's available. Check it out. You might like it.

   6. Use your textbook
   How much did you spend on it? Why did you spend so much to just have it sit on your shelf?! This one actually goes out to me because I bought all these books and I've only used them like, once. *Sighs* Let's get our moneys worth on this stuff, okay?

   7. Pack snacks
   I get so hungry if I'm at school for a long time. If I don't have food on me I know I'll walk over to Dunkin Donuts or get food from the way overpriced vending machines. To avoid eating crap, I bring snacks or pack a lunch. Some of my favorite things to bring are saltine crackers, nuts, celery sticks, fruits of varying kinds, and turkey sandwhiches.

   8. You'll get more studying done at school
   I always tell myself I'm going to go home and study or do homework, but then I realize I'm tired and I want to nap or I want to watch Netflix. I tend to be more productive at school. Homes are so full of distractions and they're noisy. The campus library is a nice place to stay focused. Or get a study room. If you don't need to be home (or back in the dorm room.) try and study at school or get there early so you have time to go over things.

   9. Flash cards
   They were the sole reason I got an A in psych last semester. They're a great study tool that I personally find very helpful. On that note, the Green brother's youtube channel, Crash Course, is another great study tool, if they have your topic of choice on there. I've been using it for biology and it's the only reason I've been surviving.

   10. Mental health comes first
   This is the most important. Please, if your mental health is suffering, reach out to someone. Tell your parents, a professor, or see a counselor on or off campus. Take all the steps you need to take care of yourself. Sometimes that means taking a semester off school and that's okay. You should never have to sacrifice your mental health for education. Take a break. Have a Treat Yo-self Day. Take a nap. But please, don't destroy yourself for a good grade.

   So there you have it! Ten things I've learned at college so far! What did you think? If you've got any tips for me, drop a comment. I'd love to hear all about your college experience and what you've learned. And I hope you liked the photography! I've been having a blast in photography class and had to share some of the product of us messing around with studio lights today.

   Have a great week!

Friday, February 12, 2016

'The Rest Of Us Just Live Here' Review

   Hello all.

   Today we're going to do something a bit different. I did a book review (since survey says you guys like those.) BUT I did it with NikMakPattyWak and its a youtube video. She invited me to be featured in a video she did so here it is. So I apologize in advance for my face. And my everything. I don't know man it was my first youtube video. If you guys like it though....yeah kidding I'm not making any promises that I'll ever do that again.


   But yeah. Enjoy this lovely video and if you like writing and stuff, my friend's channel does a lot of cool writing tips. (Her writing blows my mind, honestly.) So give her a follow or whatever. She's pretty rad.

   Also have some pictures I took recently with my friend Grace.

   And as a little update on my biopsy: it didn't happen. Insurance stuff is crazy so all my doctors stuff have been put on hold until it gets sorted out.

   Hey, I think I just broke a Princess Faith personal record of shortest blog post!

   Have a great day y'all. Good luck with school and life.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


   I know these are boring and no I do not care. It's been a while. I've been up to some stuff and since I have nothing better to talk about, here we are. Please enjoy this mess of a post.

   It's been fun, not gonna lie. I was starting to lose my mind just sitting at home. I have great classes this semester, as I've mentioned before. Photography is going amazing! It's all about how to shoot with a 35mm film camera and developing and stuff. We shoot in all black and white which I adore. I cried in the darkroom one day because I accidentally poured the fixer into the stopbath bottle and my professor asked if my film was okay. I nodded. He told me "Then its okay. You only cry when you ruin film. And even then it's barely worth it." He's the best professor I ever had. The first day at at school he showed us some of his work and he said "Someone came up to me and said "You know John, I'm really glad you're a photographer. Because if you weren't you'd be a serial killer." So obviously we get along just fine.

   I can't wait to share some of my prints with you!

   Speech class is good. I have my first speech tomorrow, (Wish me luck!) And I'm really loving theatre art. My professor says things incredibly profound things that I just love. I actually did an entire post about that over on the Rise Above It Missions page, which you can check out HERE. But then I have biology....and that class will be the death of me. It's 4 and a half hours, although luckily we get out early most days. But I don't like what my professor teaches and he has a really thick accent that's hard to understand him, and he's confusing. I have a test for that this Friday and I really don't think I'm ready for it. So prayers please!

   So much Parks And Rec. I got my little brother into it so we watch it an episode or two every night. We also make so many jokes and references throughout the day. I just love that show. I'm at the beginning of the 5th season and I don't want it to ever end.

   On top of that, Adam and Ronda have been getting me into Saturday Night Live. Seriously both of them slayed so hard. Well it was them and my sister, who got me into it.  Plus I have a lot more respect for comedy artists after reading Amy Poehlers book. Even if a lot of the jokes they make on there are sketchy, I really appreciate how hard they work. And it's hard not to smile when the cast breaks and starts laughing, because I can't help but think about how they're having the best times of their lives. I get a lot of secondhand joy from it.

   And Pete Davidson is a precious cinnamon roll.

   I finished reading Equus by Peter Shaffer and WOW. It blew my mind. It really does deserve a review of its own.

   I also started Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. It's fantastic so far. It's a bit hard for me to read, plus it's huge. (Over 700 pages.) But I'm really enjoying it. Between reading that and listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, I feel super pumped. Honestly. It makes me want to start a revolution or finish college. 10/10 would recommend.

   The Grease Live soundtrack because I missed seeing it. (Sad day, I know.) Also I've really been enjoying Halsey, (Still on that kick.) and freaking The Killers. That band is so rad and it took me waaaaay too long to realize it. The song by them I've been loving the most is When You Were Young.

   *Laughs nervously*

To go see some live shows with my best friend and sister! We're seeing The Flick in a few weeks, and possibly The Scottsboro Boys this summer. I'm so glad I have someone who's willing to go see performances with me. It's gonna be a great time.

Social Media Crap
    Because some of the things I post are cool.

A photo posted by Faith |-/ (@geek4god) on

A photo posted by Faith |-/ (@geek4god) on


 I am was really angry about Kylo/Adam. But what else is new.
   Oh yeah. The bad news.

   Well. I had an ultrasound to check out the growth on my thyroid annnnnnnnd it grew. So I'm having a biopsy next Thursday and then I have to meet with my doctor. I have to see my rheumy on Monday as well. I haven't been feeling good. I've been having to take 2 hour long naps the second I get back from school. I've been nauseous a lot too, and I've had a headache the past few days. It sucks. Although right now it's not that bad. I'm actually feeling pretty good. I just had dinner and didn't feel terrible. So I should probably study for those tests now...

   Thanks for sticking with me for another boring post while I try to entertain you guys until I can come up with something clever and also find the energy/motivation to write it.

  What are all of you up to? It makes me sad a lot of people have left over the past couple weeks. I try not to take it personally. Sorry.

   What do you want to read on the blog? More Star Wars? More serious stuff? Play reviews? Or applicable posts? Let me know.

   You guys rock. Stay awesome.