Thursday, May 31, 2012

For Nothing Will Be Impossible With God

God is incredible. For the past 7 or so months I've been battling a sickness called ITP. It's been hard. I've had to give up many activities I love because bruising could lead to my death. Everyone has been so protective of me and I was waiting on the day that it would all go away. Then I got some news: I would never get better. The average person has a blood platelet count of 120,000 I think. Mine were at 7,000. The doctor said if I ever got to 20,000 in my lifetime she would be very surprised. I wanted to cry. No more dodgeball games or doing stupid things with my friends. One mistake might cost me my life.
   My mom suggested I try going on a gluten free diet. My doctor said it wouldn't work. But we did it anyway. I was determined to get better and nothing anyone could say could stop me. So I tried it. For the past 2 months I had been on a gluten free diet. This was very hard considering how much gluten I used to eat before this. But I did it. Finally the day came. I was on my way to get my platelets checked again. We saw the doctor and she told me again: I would never get better. She pretty much just stomped on my hopes of healing. But they did the test and they said they would call us soon with the results.
   On the way home I listened to music because music always has a way of putting my thoughts into words better then I can. I realized how worried I was about getting better...but really, it didn't matter. Right then I decided that I wasn't going to worry about getting better. I was going to focus on God regardless of my situation. One song that helped me was Cling To You by Trip Lee. The chorus says "Lord, it may get better but it may not. So when I pray God I pray I would trust You whether or not the pain stops. So when the pain falls coming down like rain drops I just gotta cling to You." It doesn't matter what I'm going through. I need to cling to God. He is my hope.
   Well, 3 days later the doctor called. My platelets were at 50,000. My mom was shocked. The doctor was shocked. You know what I said? I told you so. Now, 50,000 isn't completely better, but in just that I overcame all odds. Because no one should ever tell me the odds. I have God. Yes, being gluten free is going to be hard but I'm getting better. For all the people that said I would never get better, when the world said give up, for all those nights I wanted it to just be over. NEVER underestimate my Jesus. NEVER.
   ^This is a link to a song that I LOVE. It's a song that helped me get through this. This is my victory song. It's called Look Away by Thousand Foot Krutch. When people told me it was ok to be afraid, when they told me to just turn away and cry, I said no. Not this time. This time I'm going to be brave. I'm done living in fear, it's time to step up and be courageous.
   This is the my favorite part:
   "Every time, every line, every time you want to say goodbye. Sing every time, every line, every time you want to say goodbye sing
   I will not look away this time. And take all these cuts and make them shine. And all this pain I've held inside, so I can find my way home again. I will not look away this time. Take all these cuts and make them shine. Don't want to be perfect just alright."
   So that's it. When everyone said it was impossible, God said He can do it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Super Hero Story

Well with everyone in Avengers mood lately I've been really focused on God and all that. (In case you didn't read my last blog, this time has really impacted me. God has odd ways sometimes.) Today I listened to a song called "The Invasion" by one of my favorite artists, Trip Lee. It was so amazing! I've heard the song a billion times but this time it really hit me. It's a rap song about Jesus coming back for us and Him saving the day. I love the picture of Jesus saving the world. Love it. Because I've seen enough Star Wars documentaries, (Yes, I have to bring that into this.) one of the things they say made those movies a hit was the general story line. Because it was so relate able. The story of a princess in trouble and a little farm boy who comes to rescue her. Everything about it was just...classic.
   There are two things that people love in a story that can make it a hit. 1. A hero, and 2. Love. Everyone loves the Avengers. A story about a group of heroes who are amazing and can fight like awesomeness. The special effects and stuff helped, but we love stories of heroes. This all got me thinking about the super hero story I'm in. It goes like this:
   A long time ago, before the earth was made there was this guy. (He was awesome.) and He created the world. He made two people. He told them they could do whatever they wanted....except eat from one tree. Then enters the evil villain with creepy music playing in the background. (this guy isn't anything like Loki. This guys not awesome. At all.) Long story short, he makes the people disobey and then evil enters the world. It's called Sin. Now that everything is messed up the people can't be with their Creator and things are wrong. But He's got a plan. (A very genius one may I add.) Some thousand years later He sends His son. His Son came to save the world. He came and lived as an example. He was a healer and could perform miracles. He was a hero. But one day...He gets killed. He died the most painful death anyone ever could. He was beaten and hung on a cross. Now what? This Hero that everyone thought would save them was now dead. How could this happen? Then comes the part of the story where He heroically comes back alive. He conquered death and saved us when we couldn't save ourselves. But He came for us while we were still His enemies. When we were covered in sin. His love for us was so intense that nothing could stop it. Not even death.
   Jesus is my Hero.
   But unlike any classic super hero story, I'm not the girl who's trapped and in need. I'm the bad guy. I'm the one running from the hero. I'm the one who tried to get it all on my own. Because I thought I was to good. I put myself above them all. Because "I'm good enough. I can do it by myself." In hero stories do you ever see the good guy die to save the villain? No. But that's what happened. I did nothing to earn the love I got. Can you wrap your head around that? The hero died to save me. The villain. That's crazy love. He died for you. For me. For everyone. What an incredible super hero story.
   But it doesn't end there. One day He's coming back and He's going to take everyone who believes in Him and take them home. To be with Him forever in heaven.
   That's my Hero. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around all that. I've known all this for over 8 years and I still can't believe His love for me. Once you put your faith in what He did on the cross and know that that's your only way to heaven, that He saved you, you can go to heaven too. He came to save you.
   I don't know about you but that's the best super hero story I've ever heard.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Unconditional Love

(Warning: If you haven't seen the Avengers Go see it and then read this.)

Wow. God is incredible. Ok, God speaks to me in really unusual ways and sometimes people think I'm crazy or childish and stuff. But this is like, God. This isn't childish. It's His love. Now that I've got that point across I want to tell you about how God spoke to me today. Well, for the past week I've been praying and asking God to show me His love. Not just in a little feeling, in a legit psychical way. I asked Him to give me a visual of how much He loves me. When I asked for that I was thinking something like someone telling me something or reading a bible verse, you know? But God's a lot more creative then I am and He decided to do it in...a little unusual way.
   On Monday I saw the Avengers. It was SOOOOO epic! I loved it! Then yesterday I wanted to go with my family to see it. I almost didn't go. So after seeing it twice I've been in a super Avengers mood and all that. So I prayed again. I knew it had something to do with God and I asked Him to show me how this related to Him and how could I see Him in this simple movie. Let's just say God answered all of my prayers. Big time. (I'm about to go super geek on you so watch out.)
   My favorite character is Loki (Yes the bad guy. Don't judge.) and I realized one of my favorite thing about that movie was his relationship to his older brother Thor. Now, Loki is a bad guy. All he wants is revenge on Thor and power and glory and all that stuff. In the movie Thor, Loki tries to kill his older brother. He's mad because he always had to live in the shadow of his brother and he was upset because he thinks he's the rightful king. So Loki does all these things to Thor, trying to kill him, stab him, fight him, yell at him, and is just generally mean to him. But Thor...He doesn't retaliate. When Loki says he hates him, Thor says he loves him. He decides that he's going to love his brother regardless of his wrongs and the way he has been treated by him. Loki did NOTHING to deserve that love. In fact, all he did was fight him and throw it all in his face. That's how it is with God. All we want is what this world can offer. We want fame, glory and power. So we fight God and yell at him. But he loves us. God's love is UNCONDITIONAL! His love for us isn't reliant on us or how we treat Him. There is nothing we can possibly do to make God stop loving us. NOTHING!
   Its so, it's utterly mind blowing. God literally showed me a visual of His intense love for me. But I'm hardly scratching the surface. His love for me, for you, for all of us is so big and so crazy that we can't even comprehend it. It doesn't matter what I do. He's going to love me always and forever.
   Wow. I really hope this made you think. It's amazing how with everything people are going through, God answered my one little prayer. I just wanted to see a movie. But when I asked for a picture of His love...I had no idea it would look this beautiful.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Honor God With Your Facebook

(Side note: I wrote this blog MONTHS ago and thought it posted. Turns out that it just saved to my drafts.....hmmmm. Any ways, here is my blog short, simple and straight to the point. Enjoy!)

Hey! I just wanted to start off by saying that I love Facebook. I go on it all the time. But a lot of the stuff I see on there, isn't very God honoring. My goal is to use my facebook as a way of encouraging others. Every tme I post something I think "Does this honor God?" Or "Will this lift someone up or bring them down?" And I encourage you to do the same thing!
What someone says on facebook can really bring someone down, but if you chose your words wisely they can bring someone up too.
Think about this "What Would Jesus Do?"
I know thats a funny thought and your probably picturing Jesus on faceook now, but the point is, Jesus wouldnt say things that hurt other people and you, being a child of God, shouldnt either.
I hope the people on my faccebook are given hope through everything I post.
Thanks for reading! :)