Friday, September 28, 2012

When Life Gets Crazy

Wow. There are so many things I want to write about. God decided to throw me all this stuff at one time and all of these different situations and...yeah. See, my life isn't really that complicated. I don't go through drama like most teenagers and I've never really fought with a friend before either. I don't usually worry about much and I'm just generally a happy person. Well, since God has overwhelmed me with all this stuff it's really been a test of my faith. It hasn't been easy. I'm the kind of person that can stand strong through super hard situations but when my sibling gets into my stuff I have a heart attack. I'm weird like that. So along with all these interesting things going on I have trouble dealing with silly little things like when my siblings fight and stuff.

   But I have a question. It's probably something you've thought about before.
   What do you do when your life is fine and then suddenly everything changes. Where you've had your life planned and then your plans all fall apart. Ever had that happen to you? So what do you do?

   Well that's simple.

   Live with it.

   Don't freak out. Just trust God. I know all you want to do is freak out and become overwhelmed with stress but be still. In the book of Matthew God tells us the cure for anxiety. Don't have anxiety. Simply don't let fear rule your life. You are stronger then it. It's a lot easier said then done but God holds your future. It's hard to just give God all of our fears and our plans and our future. But really think about it. We mess up. We're humans. We are flawed and we can't tell what may happen tomorrow. God, the Creator of the universe who knows what each day will bring us, wants to lead us. He says to cast all your anxiety on Him. (1 Peter 5:7) I think He has better plans for us then we have for us. We think we know better but really, God does.

   I have a cool quote I found. It's one of my favorites.
"I try not to make plans. God always laughs at my plans. I'm just going to keep the door open, keep the page blank and see what gets painted upon it."
 Tom Hiddleston said that. It's very true. We make plans and then God just like "Nope." We think we know what we're doing when really, God has something better for us. It may not seem better at the time but it is. Jeremiah 29:11 says "'For I know the plans I have for you' Declares the Lord. 'Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'"
   So when life gets crazy and you want to panic, stay strong. The Lord is with you. He is the one who goes before you. I know you can do it. You may not feel strong enough, and maybe your not. But God is. And He is with you.

"I don't ask God for things. I ask Him to show me what I can do for Him."
   Lourdes from one of my favorite TV shows (Falling Skies) said that. I love that quote. But of course God wants us to ask Him things, that's definetly not wrong. God wants us to go to Him with prayers of petition and requests but I love the end of that quote. How about instead of freaking out and asking God to just take away all of your problems you say "God, how can I use this for Your glory?" How can you use your problem for Him?

      On a side note: My birthday was on the 26th! I'm officially 16! Maybe I'll get into that a little more in another post but as of right now I wont say much. I bought the first season of Falling Skies (which enabled me to hear that quote! Thanks God!) And as a gift from my family I got the Avengers 4 disc pack thing with the regular DVD, the blueray, the digital copy and the soundtrack. Win! Yep. I'm a happy 16 year old!

   May The Force Be With You!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fellowship, Church, And My Week

Hey! Sorry I haven't been posting in a while. I usually write about things that have been weighing heavily on my heart and I kinda been at a loss for words to write in a blog. Well, last week was a crazy one for me. My family is working on moving into the apartment downstairs (we currently live on the top floor of a two flat.) and that's Also I've been worked up about a lot of things like my moms surgery and school and there's never a dull moment when you have a family of 10. So it's been an insane week. I think what contributed the most to my hectic week was my lack of time with God. I hardly spent time in the Word. I felt very disconnected and a little lost. Some days I would open my bible and read...nothing. I couldn't feel God's presence very abundantly. Now, He was here. He always will be, I just couldn't feel it.

   Finally Sunday came. I love Sundays. I have church in the morning, then I'm usually with my friends all day until youth group in the evening. What could be better? So I have to bike 5 miles to my church and I get up super early to go because I go with my older brother who helps clean up and get everything ready for church. I love riding my bike but yesterday I just didn't have the strength emotionally or physically. I had to stop halfway there because I was practically hyperventilating. It wasn't the greatest way to start the day.

   But with the week I had just had and the way my day had started off I was really craving church. Just to be with God in His house and to be surrounded by others that loved Him too. It was amazing. The sermon was really good, it was part of a series we've been doing called "Be Imitators Of Christ." Then I walked to my friends house and we talked about a lot of different things, the bible came up often. Then for youth group we played a bunch of different tag games. It was fun. I loved running around and being crazy with my closest friends. Just being with those people is enough to make me happy. A lot of my church friends I grew up with so I've known them my whole life, and others  I'm just getting to know but I love them just as much. Then at the end of the night we did the lesson/talk. Amazing as usual. Small groups were good too.

   Everything about Sunday gave me energy and filled me up. (The sermon in the morning was about not looking for worldly things to fill you up, but to let Christ fill you.) So it really felt good to be filled up with God. Now I am ready to do whatever it is He needs me to do. Right now He's telling me to "Be still and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10) To have faith and not worry. One of my youth group leaders said "Faith is the opposite of fear." I really like that. I say it a lot. Because it's true. So this week don't let fear rule you, have faith. Even if you've had a crazy week just be still and let Christ fill you up. Because there's nothing on this earth that can do that.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Leader Status

Just some random stuff.......

My new all geekiness blog is now (much like the Death Star) FULLY OPERATIONAL! Yay! I decided to go with the same name as my Twitter username, Geek For God. You can check it out by following the link below.
Now for the real reason I'm blogging...
   I am super excited that my church's AWANA program is starting back up next week! AHHHHH!!!!!!! I have been a Sparky leader for a while now and I LOVE my kids! Like, LOVE them! But this year I'm going to be moving up to be with the older kids! I'm super excited! I was kinda scared at first because they told me to pick which one I wanted to do and I told them I would pray about it and get back to them next week, then I ended up having to make the decision on the spot, and I chose to be with the TNTers. But I'm really glad I did. I really feel like this is going to be a good year. I know this is what God wanted me to do.

   I'm totally excited but yet at the same time I'm worried. The TNTers are crazy and to be a leader in that age group you need to be outgoing. REALLY outgoing. Most of you know I am quite shy, though I have gotten a lot better. I'm also kinda worried that they won't like me as much as they like the other leaders. But the think I'm really worried about the most is talking for group time. The TNT leader said if any of us wanted to speak just let him know. I was like


   But I have no idea what to speak about.

   I'm also scared they won't like it or I won't be as confident on stage as the others. But I do know God will give me the words and He will tell me what to speak on. So I'm not going to worry about that. I have always taken my role as a leader very seriously. I know how I viewed my leaders when I was that young. I remember some of my favorite leaders. One was my dad, and another was a 17 year old girl. I loved her! I always think of her when I consider my role as a leader, because that's how I want my TNTers to see me. I want them to grow up and be like "My favorite leader was Faith!" Another leader I had was a women from my church. She's another of my inspirations for being a leader. A few years ago I even had the privilege of being her sons leader. It was amazing!

   I love my AWANA kids so very much! I pray for them all the time and I hope that I have impacted/will impact them in big ways! I know God has some crazy plans ready for this year and I'm so excited to see what they are! Prayers would also be appreciated. May the Force be with you!

Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm Still Fighting

I was going to post this on my new Star Wars blog (ahhhh!:D) but I decided it would be better here since I've been blogging along and informing you of my battle with my blood disease ITP.
   The other day I was reading a book from The New Jedi Order series; Ruin by James Luceno. At the beginning of the series one of my favorite characters got sick and now they might be able to heal her because of something they found. But they don't know why she's sick (sound familiar yet?) and they're afraid it might only make things worse. They had tried it on someone else but it only gave them temporary healing. Not permanent. So as I was reading something she said stuck out at me.
"Besides, at this point, I'll accept temporary.....But this illness has been a part of me for over a year now. It's been my challenge, and I've fought it every way I know how. But it's winning Luke. It's winning."
    That caught my attention. It seems me and Mara were in the same predicament. Mara's a fighter. That's what she does. But since she got sick she wasn't able to fight. They needed her to rest. Now it's been a year and no healing came to her. In that line she admitted that she had been doing everything she could but the sickness was still winning. The thing about that was on the next page she takes the medicine. And it works.
   Sometimes you feel like you can't win. Like there is no way you can fight another day. But when you feel low, like your losing, healing may be right around the corner. So keep fighting.

   That brings me to another Mara Jade quote from earlier in the series. From Michael A. Stackpole's Onslaught.
"As long as I'm fighting, I'm not dying. And I'm not done fighting just yet."
   Yesterday I had my own personal victory. I played dodgeball at my youth group for the first time since I got sick. I finally felt like myself again. That was me fighting. I'n not giving up. Healing will come. And it may even be right around the corner.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Mommerz

Hey. Sorry I kinda walked off the face of the earth for a little while. I just haven't had much to blog about. I'm also losing my mind thinking about making a new blog for all Star Wars stuff. (I hate change....and I have no idea what to call it. Any suggestions would be helpful!) But I was just thinking about something to blog about when I thought of something. I want to tell you about someone very important to me: My Mom.

   Some know her as Mrs. Kayte, or Faith's mom, or you might even now her by her blog Mommy's Coffee Time. But most people know her as Mommerz. A lot of my friends call her that. Everyone loves my mom. She's not just a mom to her actual 8 kids, she's the "mom" to many of my friends. They all know that they can call her Mom. Along with having 8 kids she's also "adopted" a few. They're close friends of my family and we call them our siblings. It's really cool.

   Now your probably thinking "So what's so cool about Faith's mom?" Well if you know her then you can answer that. But for those of you who don't.....let me tell you some things about my mom.

   She's practically superwomen. She's the mother of 7 crazy kids...and me. On top of that she homeschools ALL OF US! So she has to be with us 24/7. And she doesn't even get paid! She's also taking online college classes for web design and will even get people who want websites done. She does all of that and still has time to defeat The Lord Of The Rings: War In The North video game with my older brother. So yeah. She's awesome. But there's more. She's an incredible women of God and I couldn't have asked for a more amazing lady to be my mother. She's taught me a lot. She's always encouraging my friends and the other women of our church. Just the other day a lot of women (and young women) got together and my mom led us in bible study. My Mom is always striving to be better, she pursues God with her whole life. Even though she does so much she always has time for us. Her children. She loves talking to us and spending time with us.

   As if that wasn't enough her life story is pretty inspiring too. She was born with a heart defect and wasn't supposed to live. IF she lived she was never ever EVER supposed to have kids. Clearly the doctors didn't know God's plans for her.

   Other amazing/random things about My Mommerz:

  • She's a geek. (See where I get it from?) 
  • She loves Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings
  • She really likes playing video games with my big brother.
  • She's secretly a ninja. ( maybe that's not entirely true...)
   So in case you didn't get the picture: I love my mom. A lot. She's so amazing even Mckayla Maroney would be impressed.

   Dear Mom,
I love you. Thank you for all that you do. You inspire me and you mean so much to me. Thank you for all that you've taught me. Thank you for always believing in me and praying for me. Your always there for me when I need you to be. Thanks for all the nights when I was little and I couldn't sleep because of my leg cramps. For staying by me until I fell asleep. For letting me crawl into your bed when I had nightmares. Thank you for encouraging me to write and giving me the tools to learn. I love talking to you and spending time with you. I'm sorry I'm not always the kind of daughter I should be. But I'm trying. Thank you for everything. Your incredible and I love you to pieces! I LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!!!