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In Defense of Gay Christians

I've tried to not write this post a million different ways. I've tried to get out of it, ignore it, or give myself reasons to not do it. But it's been on my mind for too long. For years I've felt this growing unease within me. But I've shut it down every time. But by now, it's out there. It's on my Twitter, if you've been brave enough to find me on there, I'm not shy in talking about it in person, but out here, in front of everyone, I've not been vocal enough.

   The truth is I'm LGBTQ+ affirming.

   Maybe if you didn't grow up religious, you don't get the weight of that statement, but if you have, you get it. That's a pretty bold statement where I'm from. I've pondered over it for years and wrestled with it. I've talked to celibate gay people and gay people in marriages and I've talked to not affirming pastors of all different kinds. I've done my research. Read the bible. Read commentaries. Read the Greek …

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