Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hi There

      Ahh life can be crazy, as you probably already know. I wanted to swing by and just kinda write stuff out and share some pictures with you guys. Because I finally got my DSLR and I'm super excited and the pictures are amazing. But also because life has been kinda weird for me and I feel like I need to clear my head. So bear with me for this one.

   Let's see. Where do I begin? Well, since coming back from camp, my ex, AKA Fear, has tried to reconnect with me. Like, come on dude. It's been a year. I've moved on. Sure we were a thing for like, 17 years; but I've moved on. No, but seriously. It's annoying. I don't want to live in fear again, so that means fighting it. It's still not as bad as it used to be, but it is there. I'm just trying to remember that God brought me through it the first time, He can keep it away this time.

   Also, stress. So. Much. Stress. Stress with the every day life of trying to watch kids and keep the house clean, plus make time for myself, plus food things and health things, and college; don't even get me started on college. It's been insane trying to register for classes. I just want to rest knowing I'm going to school in the fall gosh dang it.

   Speaking of school; my graduation party. I'm trying to throw a prom themed party.I decided this 3 months ago. The most planning I've done is bought a dress and made a guest list, which, by the way includes like, 200 people. My church isn't big enough, so it would have to be somewhere else. Securing a place for this is the biggest problem. The second would be trying to feed that many people. I really want this to work out so we'll see.

   One more thing to rant about:
   I'm so sick of staying at home all day. I feel like I want a job, but like, I gotta babysit my siblings and I might already have a job but I don't know if it's reliable and it's just ugh. But I'm losing my mind sitting at home all day.

   Thanks for listening to me rant. I just had to get that all out. There's a lot more going on, but really, those are the big things. Now, onto some less saddening things. Like lists and pictures!

   Here is a list of things that have been making me happy lately:
   -Getting to catch up on Falling Skies
   -Going to the library
   -Getting my dosage of prednisone lowered.
   -My upcoming missions trip
   -My new DSLR
   -Facetime dates with Isabella
   -Long rides in Nikki's Jeep with the top down.
   -The fact that I'm going to meet Caitlyn Boyle from Operation Beautiful on Friday!


So what do you think? What have you guys been up to?