Teenage Drama

I know I kind of touched this subject in a later blog but I feel like it needs to be addressed again. I'm a freshman in high school and so far I've managed to avoid the drama that most teens deal with. Sure I've gotten into small fights with my friends, but nothing to the point of wanting to un-friend them in Facebook. (haha, sorry. I had to make a joke there.) You may be thinking right now "Wow Faith! How do you do it?" Well I'll tell you about how I avoid drama and how I would deal to drama if I were to come across it. (Which is bound to happen sooner or later.)
1. It's not about the other person and the times they wronged you. God loves us unconditionally. He commands us to love everyone, ESPECIALLY our enemies! So drop the whole "Oh well they did so and so to me and I got really hurt by blah blah blah so it's all their fault!" No. Love. Try to see the other persons perspective.
2. Always be positive! Think positive and act positive. Emotions are contagious! So by being happy your mood may help someone else.
3. My saying at the moment is "Life goes on.: It's true. It's not the end of the world. Your not going to die because someone made a nasty Tweet about you. So stay calm and know that God has a plan, even for all the stupid little fights.
4. Pick your battles! Not everything is worth fighting about! Do you really want to watch a certain movie SO badly that it's worth getting into a big fight over? No. Some times you need to put yourself aside and put someone else first. It also honors God.
5. Part of friendships is working through hard trails. If friendships were easy then we would never grow. When we get into fights with our friends it can help us learn to set aside our problems and learn to love!
Seriously, people need to stop worrying about these silly little things of earth that aren't going to mean anything when we're with God. You can't control other people but you can control how you respond. Life is way to short to be freaking out over every time someone talks behind your back. I hope you've learned something from this. Thanks for reading!


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