Heart Breaks

I know a lot of my friends are going through some heart break right now and I just felt like I should blog about it. Last week my older brother spoke at my youth group about love. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever heard. It moved a lot of people and I hope this does the same thing.
   I'm 15, I have never had my heart broken before but I can imagine how it would feel like. My heart aches as my friends tell me these stories of people who used to care just...not caring any more. One of the things to help is to focus on God. That's pretty much the solution for everything. But it really does work. An old bible study teacher of mine once said "Humans were made with this desire that we sometimes mistake it as a longing to be loved by a boy (or if your a guy, then for girls.) but it's really a longing for God." We were made with a thirst for God and as humans we try to satisfy that thirst with what the world has to offer. But God is the only one who can fill that void within us.
   Now, this doesn't mean it isn't hard when we get hurt. But you have to know that God has a plan. He has plans for the big things and the silly little things. He is in control. Always and forever.
   If your a teenager going through heart break remember this: Your a teenager. It's not the end of the world. It may seem like it is right now, but it's not. This hardship your dealing with right now is only going to make your stronger. So see what you can learn from it. God promised He would never give you more then you can handle. It's the hard times when we learn to rely on God the most.
   I wish I could write this big long blog that would make you cry and take away all your problems. Maybe next time. I wish I knew exactly what people were going through with break ups and all that but I don't. I know trusting God is soooo much easier said then done, but hang in there. God will be with you...always.


  1. Amen. You hit the target. I might just blog about this, I know what it's like to get your heart broken.

  2. thanks! go for it! Yeah, I've never gotten my heart broken before so maybe you could shed some light on it.


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