A Story To Give Hope To The Homeless Part 2

This blog is way overdue and it's going to be written differently but I hope you enjoy it!

April 1rst 2010
I was soaking wet. I held the towel close to me. I could feel the cool breeze hitting my skin and it sent a shiver up my spine. As I enjoyed my ice cream I soaked in the moment. Tomorrow this would all be gone. I would be changing my way of life. Again. So I let it all in. Every little thing about it. Here I was standing with my bare feet on the gravel driveway to a place I now called my home though it wouldn't be much longer. I had spent the day being crazy with people I had begun to consider my family. We had done crazy things. We had sprayed each other with water and jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler while music was blaring. I couldn't explain the sensation it gave me. It took my worries away.
In my mind I re-winded to 4 days ago. I stood in the hallway. I kissed my parents goodbye and waved to my family. My sister stood somewhere around me but my mind was in such a blur that I don't really remember what she was doing. I had made a silent promise with myself. I wouldn't cry when my family moved. Not here, not with these people around. Maybe tonight when I was curled up in my bed and alone. But not now. But as I said goodbye I realized I couldn't say "I'll see you tomorrow!" I had no idea when I would see them again. I didn't even know where they would be sleeping that night. As the door shut I felt my eyes begin to water. No. But when I turned around and saw her standing there with her arms wide open I couldn't do it anymore. Her eyes said all the things that her words couldn't.
"It's ok. You can cry. I understand."
So I cried. She gave me a hug. Me, this 13 year old girl was crying in the arms of a 9 year old.
Now hear I stood. Happy, at home. I had called my parents so many times since they had left 4 days ago. They were temporarily staying at a friends house and were ok. That made me feel so much better having heard their voices on the phone.
Soon I was dressed and dry again. I felt happy and refreshed. So much had happened. I walked up the stairs and turned into the living room...they were sitting on my couch. The new family that was to take in me and Dayle. Don't get me wrong, I was happy to see them. But I felt overwhelmed. I took a deep breath. They smiled at me. It was a girl and her mother. I had known them my whole life, me and the girl were close friends. She also had a brother and a father at home. They stayed for a moment to talk and then everyone helped me and my sister get our stuff into the car.
I said my goodbyes. I felt dizzy. This had to be a dream. But I knew it wasn't. I gave the 9 year old a hug and handed her an envelope with letters written to each member of her family.
"Read them once I leave." I said.
So I got in the van and we drove off. It was that moment that I realized I hated moving. Little did I know that I would have to face many more sorrowful goodbyes. As we drove away the little girl chased us down. She ran near my window until we were off the block and she stopped and waved.....Then she was gone.

That day was a game changer. It led to a crazy month. I loved it though. We did so many funny things. During the month of April we did many crazy things. Like had lunch at a cemetery, went to Navy Pier at 1o o'clock at night, made a radio show, and failed at double dutch. If I could go back there would only be one thing I would change. My attitude. It was hard adjusting to a new way of life. Especially one without my parents. It was my first time living without them. I never thought of how the family I was living with felt. The one girl only had a brother so she was thrilled to get "two sisters." To this day we refer to each other as sister. (It's only funny because the three of us are a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead.)
It was really hard for me. I got very over protective of my sister and felt that I had to stand up for her. That usually resulted in arguments. But the most amazing thing about that month is it didn't break our friendship. It made us stronger. I was positive the girl I lived with was going to hate me after this. But whenever we talk about it, she seems to forget all the bad things. Like they never happened. I could never thank her enough for that. Because I was such a brat then. But God had a plan. In all my ignorance and pride God still loved me. And so did that family.


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