Kony 2012: A New Campaign

Well I tried to avoid it but it turns out I have to bring back this topic because it obviously didn't get through the first time.
   Honestly, who doesn't know about the whole Kony 2012 thing? Well a man from some other country did some pretty horrible things and now everyone's getting together to throw this evil man in prison. Sounds like a just cause right? He did horrible things to children and ruined many lives, so he deserves to rot in prison or something right? This is just me and I have really strong opinions and I when I talk about them I make sure to get my message across. There's just something about this campaign that doesn't feel right.
   I say this all the time and I'm gonna say it again. YOUR A SINNER TOO! Just like Kony. So instead of starting a campaign to throw this guy in prison ("Because he deserves it") we start a new campaign. One to pray for him. To pray that he sees God. He may see God when he's sitting in jail, or maybe God will open his eyes out of nowhere. But pray for him.
   I've sinned. I've yelled and out lashed out of anger. Do you look at me any different? How do you know whats happened to Kony? What's led him to his make these decisions? Now, I know that I can't go off defending all the killers and hoping they all go free. But pray for them. That's all I'm asking of you. Because your 1 minute prayer could make all the difference. That's all it takes. 1 minute.
   God has placed people on my heart. Cassey Anthony was another. To this day I still think about what she's been through. I pray for her consistently. God has given me a heart for these people. So maybe it's time to soften yours too.
   So right now. Pray For Kony.


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