Some Photography

I had nothing to post about today but I wanted to share some pictures I've taken with you. I really love photography and I like sharing how I view the world with people through pictures. They aren't the best but my camera is my baby and I love it oh so much even though the pictures almost never come out like I see them in my head. But yeah. Random picture time!!! Tell me what you think! I would love your input!

   So yeah! I also now have an Instagram so I can obsessively take pictures and instantly share them. If you love weird things then follow me @geek4God.

   I hope all of you amazing people had a great Easter! I know I did! I went to church in the morning and then went home real quickly to change into some less fancy clothes and then I headed off the a friends house where we hung out with their cousins and another family from our church. We basically played volleyball the entire time (Just to be clear, that was not a complaint.) and then a (long) game of capture the flag in which my team lost horrifically. But overall it was a blessed day! It was so nice that I didn't even need my jacket in the morning! Yay! What did you do for Easter?

   Well, May the Force be with you!


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