You Are Not Your GPA

This might just be a short post today because I already blogged on my other blog today (Check it out--> and I'm kinda tired. But I've been reading about the great Charles Spurgeon because I have heard so much about how amazing he was and I wanted to find out why people thought that. But they thought correctly. The dude was a boss! For real. He sought out God with all his heart and it's like, mine blowing! As a young kid he had a really deep comprehension level so he had so much understanding of God and sin.

   But one of the most amazing things I read so far about him is that he became a pastor when he was 16!!!! That's my age! He started preaching when he was a sixteen year old kid. But wait, it get's better. After a while he was thinking about going to college to study theology so he could, you know, be a "legitimate" pastor. (Which he already was. Minus the education.) His dad wanted him to do it and so did his grandfather. But one day he felt God saying to him "Seekest thou great things for thyself? Seek them not." Right then he felt like God wasn't calling him to go to college. So he didn't go. Because that's not what God wanted. Did he say "But in this economy you need a college education!" or "I can't be a good pastor without an education!" NO! God said don't do it, so he didn't do it! I wish we could all have the kind of faith that Charles Spurgeon had. He didn't worry about what might happen if he didn't go, he didn't worry about what his family might say. He simply did what God was calling him to do. No questions asked.

   I have often times said that I didn't want to go to college because I didn't think it was in God's plan for me. But people would fight me about it saying that "I couldn't survive in the economy." and blah blah blah. But think about it: If God's plan for you is to not go to college, don't you think He has a plan to provide for you?!?! You know what I say to that? I find your lack of faith disturbing. God will provide! And you know what? I used to (and sometimes still do) worry about my education and how smart I was. But not for real reasons, just because I was worried about what other people thought. Because I felt stupid when someone asked me a simple math problem and my brain goes blank because the number all swirl around in my head and make no sense. Want to know something? I love learning. I really do. I love reading classic pieces of literature like Shakespeare and the Odyssey. I LOVE history! But you take the joy out of learning when you get bombarded with homework and are under pressure to get everything right. Which is why I love being homeschooled. Because I can study what I want and I can enjoy learning!

   So to sum that all up: you are not defined by your grades and if God calls you to do something, He will provide a way to support you. But over the past year I've had a little change of heart and college may be an option for me now. But we'll see. It's all in God's hands. I hope if God calls you to do something you'll have the courage to step up and do it. No questions asked.

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