Writing, Questions And Randomness.

Wow! I haven't been on here in forever!!! Sorry it's been so long.  I've had a lot of stuff on my mind but not enough to put as a whole topic for a blog so I'm probably gonna jump around a lot in this post.
   So...if you don't actually know me you might not know that I love writing and receiving letters. I mean like, I LOVE writing and receiving letters! I love it so much that I spent at least 3 hours of my day writing letters to various people! And I have this special binder I have where I keep all the letters I get from people and whenever I'm feeling sad I read it and it cheers me up! I also write down sweet text messages I get or any Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr messages. They make my day all the time. I love encouraging people. It's my job in life. I always try to be positive and encouraging others. One thing I realized is that when I'm not helping someone...I'm not myself. When I feel sad I write nice letters to people. It helps me feel better knowing I'm might make someone's day. When people let me help them they really help me too. Because I love doing the job God has given me to do. So yeah. I love reading letters too. They make me smile...and cry. I love them.

   Now since the lovely Edessa tagged me in a post I must answer these 11 questions. Here we go:

   1. If you had the chance to live on Mars would you? Why or why not? Probably not. There's nothing on Mars. Haha. I would visit Mars, but living there would get lonely and boring.

   2. What is your favorite song? HA! Oh boy...we could be here alllllllll night. Music is my life so I could name like a million. But I really love Moment Of Truth by FM Static. (it makes me cry...)

   3. Would you rather play a video game or watch a movie, and why? Umm...depends on the movie and video game. haha. Probably...watch a movie....or play a video game. Man, I hate making decisions!

   4. What is your favorite film genre? I don't know really. Is awesome a genre? haha. I like a whole bunch of different movies. I like action. But they gotta have some humor in it.

   5. Marvel or DC? Psh! MARVEL!!! Though I'm starting to like Batman.

   6. What are your favorite kind of clothes to wear? Pajama pants and T-Shirt. Preferably a comfortable Star Wars T-Shirt :)

   7. Do you think society as a general rule is too wrapped up with celebrities and digging up dirt on said celebrities? Wow, good question! Yeah. Definitely. It must stink for them with their whole lives on the cover of a magazine which hundreds of thousands of people see! You don't need to know every aspect of a celebrities life! Plus who really cares what Miley Cyrus ate for breakfast?!

   8. Woodchucks or Chipmunks? Well Chipmunks can sing so...

   9. What song keeps getting stuck in your head? We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift...

   10. What is your least favorite book? I've only read one book that was so bad I couldn't finish and that was Lock And Key by Sarah Dessen.

   11. Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece? Edessa, you really do ask the right questions. haha. I'M IN LOVE WITH ANCIENT GREECE!!!!! Thank you Percy Jackson And The Olympians.

   That was a lot of fun actually. I would tag people and make my own questions but...yeah. I might do that later so....
   I hope you all enjoyed the blog! If you follow me...THANK YOU! YOU'RE THE BEST! May the Force Be With You!


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