I love books. I love reading. I haven't really read a book I thoroughly enjoyed in a really long time. But my love for reading all came back when I re-read one of my favorite books The Lightning Theif. (From the Percy Jackson And The Olympians series.)

   Did I mention I really love books?

   I get really into them too. Like, I'll sometimes jump around and talk to the book and even yell at it. I would throw it but I don't want to ruin a good book. Books can take you away to get lost in your imagination for a while. In a book, anything can happen. Something I really love (and I mean, seriously LOVE) about books is how at some level I can relate to the characters or feel compassion for them. Books can really teach me things. (Movies too!)

   I love fictional characters. Just gonna throw that out there. I love how people can make such creative stories and though they can have superpowers or live in a magical forest, you can relate to them.

   A few things that I really love reading in a book is a redemption story. Like someone who was the bad guy goes through a dramatic change and saves the day. To see someone change their SO powerful! Another thing that I love/hate (it's complicated...) is that character in the story who is broken and hurting. Usually it's the bad guy but I have a big heart, like, I love people. It's something I do. Though it hurts me to see someone else in pain (physically or emotionally) that's a way to get me hooked on a book.

   For whatever reason...I always happen to like that bad guys. I didn't realize that until I saw the Avengers and Loki was my favorite. But I mean, I had good reason to like Loki. After all, he's amazing.

   So what are some of your favorite books? What can get you hooked on a book? Do you usually like the good guys, the bad guys, or the random guys? Happy reading!


  1. I feel the love. Books are AMAZING. I get so lost in the world of a novel that when I finish reading the story, I seriously have to get used to my own reality again! My favorite author is Frank Peretti, and his last book, Illusion, was incredible. I usually tend to like the good guys or the underdog, but I do feel for the bad guys too. Aah, I could go on and on about books; it's like one of my favorite subjects! I'm glad you understand. ;)

    1. YES! Frank Peretti is one of my favorites too! His book the Oath....WOW! Him and Ted Dekker are just amazing!
      I'm glad someone else knows what I'm talking about. I love books:)

    2. Yeah, The Oath was awesome! The one they wrote together, House, was creepy and really cool. (:

    3. I loved House! Ever see the movie? THAT was creepy!


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