The Joys Of Being Homeschooled

The other day while most of the other teenagers were sitting in their boring classes in school I walked to the park with my family to meet another homeschooled family we know. It was a beautiful day. The sky was blue the sun was out and their was a gentle breeze that blew my hair. It was perfect. It was a shame how many people had to miss out on such a nice day. See, one of the many advantages of being homeschooled is that I can set school aside for an hour or so to go out and enjoy God's wonderful creation! While most kids were sitting inside their class rooms taking tests and worrying about their grades I was out spending time with my family. I get the amazing honor of helping my younger siblings grow and to start becoming who God making them to be! How many people can actually do that? Most teenagers schedules are wake up, shower, go to school, come home, do homework, play on Facebook and go to bed at 1am. Being homeschool I can have free time, live life, and ENJOY learning! I get to study what I want. I can even have class outside! I can sit and soak in all the wonderful things God made.
Instead of listening to a teacher try and explain math problems I can do something that will make a difference! I can go look at flowers with my 3 year old sister, talk about geek stuff with my little brother, debate Bible things with my older. Stuff like that. If I take just a few minutes a day to spend some time with my family I can impact their lives. That's stuff they're going to hold on to and remember.
So that's just one of the MANY reasons I love being homeschooled! I was going to rant about the Hunger Games today but that would make me in the crowd with everyone else. Even if I'm against it. I shouldn't even have brought up that book. Well, thanks again for reading!


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