The Little Things

You know something I love? Little things. I am so amazed by the little things that people can do that just bright up my day! I'm the kind of person who will remember every word someones ever said to me. So when people do something nice to me, I never forget. The things we say have SO much power! We don't even realize it! What comes out of our mouths can either make or break someone. People should use our words to build people up not tear each other down!
I am so thankful for all the little things that make me smile. Things that a lot of people take for granted. Things like the night sky, a friends hug, the sunrise, and things like that. Like, someone can say something to me and I'll remember it months later. You know why? Because it meant something to me. That's why I try to watch what I say.
One of my favorite things to do is make people smile. What I've started trying to keep in my mind is "How can I make someone's day today?" I want to show God's love wherever I go. I want people to see me and wonder why I'm so happy. People always say to me "Your so optimistic!" Well honestly, sometimes it's hard. It's hard to trust God and have faith. But God's bigger then me so if He's in control I can live with that.
But how can you make someone smile today? By doing simple things you can really change someone! I would know, people have done things for me that I could never thank them enough for. Little things. Things like complimenting my hair, giving me a hug at just the right time, making me laugh, writing me letters, reading my blog! Everything makes me smile! Because I try to see the beauty in everything. So live life to the fullest! Go out and make someone's day!


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