Ahh yes. Gossip. It can either be a girls best friend or worst nightmare depending on which side of it your on. But it happens to every girl; that sad day when they find out that some of their closest friends have been talking bad about the behind their backs. Then it starts a whole giant argument and blah blah blah. So many girls are worried about whats being said about them behind their backs. But let me talk to you about some things that I've learned.
1. Don't gossip yourself! A lot easier said then done. Every girl gossips. We all sin. But when you do it, correct it. Tell the person what happened and apologize. Also, if the people around you are talking bad about someone, put an end to it. I've only been aware of one time where people were talking about me. I know this because my best friend told me because she thought I should know. She also put a stop to the gossip by saying "hey, that's my best friend your talking about." It wasn't a big deal, nothing horrible was being said. So I just moved on.
2. People worry so much about what people are saying about them. But if your following God and doing what He wants, then why are you afraid? People can't say bad things about you if your not doing bad things! I know what your thinking. "yeah but they can make up lies!" So? There just that: Lies. If lies start spreading about you, tell the people the truth. It's really not the end of the world when people talk behind your back. I'm not saying its ok, but that doesn't give you permission to rip up everything your friends ever gave you just because they made one mistake.
3. One word: Forgiveness. We're all guilty of the same things. We all deserve to go to hell. God doesn't measure sin, we do. Lying is the same as murder. Just one sin makes us worthy of eternal punishment. If we believe in Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection then we're cleansed of all we've done. So if Christ can forgive us, then we can certainly forgive our friends.


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