As I stood there in an empty pew a few rows back from where everyone else stood singing I got so caught up in the moment like I did every Sunday night at my youth groups worship time.
Worship always freed me. Not Sunday morning worship, Sunday night. At youth group. Not that our worship pastor wasn't good, but it all had to do with the atmosphere; who I was around, what songs we were singing, that sort of thing. I had never stood in my own pew before for worship until last week when I had left the sanctuary for a moment, when I came back I didn't want to disturb anyone so i went to one of the end rows.
It was amazing.
From there I could see everyone being so undignified for the Lord. People were standing on the pews, ballroom dancing, raising their hands and just being crazy on fire for God.
The sight brought a huge smile to my face. It made me dance too. I realized that it was here, sitting in the way back, yet surrounded by people, that I found I could be undignified too. It was a feeling I couldn't explain to you. It wasn't something I could get a Sunday morning church service. Only here.
When I listened to the songs I sang my heart out. Whenever I'm there it's just me and God. I know that no matter where I am or what I'm dealing with that God is holding me. It's just a sense of comfort that I crave all week long for.
Teenagers from all different backgrounds with all different stories coming together to worship God.
It was truly amazing.
One of my favorite things is watching everyone else worship. Their hands are raised high and you can just tell that they have such a heart for God. It's awesome.
I'm so thankful for those moments, though I wish they would last longer then a couple of songs.
Thank you for everyone who has inspired me over the years and who continue to inspire me. Thank you for all you teenagers that love God and aren't afraid to show it. You truly amaze me.


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