Hey! I haven't been blogging a lot. I usually blog when an idea or something comes to me. Anyways, I was just thinking today about...well, life in general. I tend to do a lot of thinking, and one of the things I've always wondered about was how people see me. There's so much to know about me and it's really easy to get a misconception of who I am. I know some people have at least a little misconception of me. So allow me to really introduce myself; who I really am.
I'm Faith. I'm a teenager; the second oldest in a family of 8 kids and my mom and dad. I love my family. There are 4 boys and 3 girls.
For a girl my age I guess you could say I've been through a lot. But all the things I've gone through have taught me so much about God, who I am, and life.
There is so much in this life I love. My friends mean the world to me. I really believe in the power that words have. Its weird to think that what I say can either make or break someone.
My hobbies included singing, listening to music, writing of any sort, reading, taking pictures and exercising. Just to name a few.
As of my personality, some people like to think I'm a girly girl, others think I'm a tomboy. The truth? I'm neither. I'm not labeled by either of the two, I'm me. Faith. I love God and I just want His glory to shine in my life. I want to change lives through my unique story.
I'm funny, a total geek, and kind of shy when you first meet me.
I write books, songs, reports, blogs, pretty much everything except poems. I don't get the point of poems.
One day I want to go to China. I would love to adopt a baby girl from there.
I LOVE sports. I like playing sports more then watching them though. My favorite sports to play are dodgeball (which isn't really a sport but whatever.), broomball, hockey, baseball and football.
I'm a rebel. By rebel I mean follower of Christ. I say I'm a rebel because rebel is someone not following the crowd; rebelling. This world doesn't follow Christ, therefore I'm the rebel.
Yes, I love dying my hair. I'm not to good at it and I have a brief moment of panic before the dye touches my hair (I hate permanent change. I also hate making decisions!) I currently have blue streaks in my hair. The first time I did my hair I was 11 and I did it pretty much all purple. It was awesome.
I HATE following the crowd!!! If everyone likes something, I hate it. (Unless of course I started it.) I strongly dislike the movie Despicable Me simple because everyone I know likes it. I'm weird, I know, I've been told. Oh well.
There is so much to me that can't even be described in this post. I'm a very complex person.
But to sum it all up, I'm in love with Star Wars, I'm a rebel, God is my life, and I love the little details!
And the best part about this is? I don't care what people think! Mock me, call me a geek or a Jesus freak. I'll get over it. Yes the power of words in incredible, but what you say is between you and God.
I also know you can even get a misconception of me through this blog, I may not have made myself clear or may have said things wrong in some parts. So if you really really want to know me, just talk to me.
I hope you've enjoyed this super long (and probably boring.) post. Thanks for reading!


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