MY God Is Healer

Hey! So for a while now I've been wanting to write this and it seems every time I go to write it I forget what I want to write.
Anyways, So I've known about Jesus my whole life. I grew up in church with my whole family being saved. I finally became a real Christian when I turned 8 and I accepted Jesus for myself. So I grew up hearing stories about how Jesus could perform miracles calm stromy waters, heal people and bring the dead back to life.
I would always think "Oh yeah that's really cool! But that doesn't really effect me so..."
Then I thought about it. The women in Luke 8:43-50 was healed by simply touching Jesus' robe and having faith! There are several stories in the Bible of people who were healed by Jesus. The sad thing is I never thought much of it...until now.
MY God is a God who heals! He didn't even need to be near them to heal them! That's how awesome He is! It's amazing that the God who brought Jesus back to life is on my side. He's the one holding me. When I think about it that way I feel so foolish for ever doubting God for even a second!
I'm really into the Percy Jackson/Heroes Of Olympus book series'. Their about the old Greek and Roman gods and such. The one thing I've realized by reading those books is that I am SO thankful the real God isn't like that! Oh my gosh I'm so thankful! MY God, the real God, loves me and wants whats best for me and has a plan for me!
When I first got sick I was thinking things like "What? I thought God had a plan for me! What about going to China and all this stuff God wants me to do?" But I realized that yes, God has plans for me. But when He Created me He knew I would get sick. That didn't surprise Him. When He thought of His plans for me, He made me able to accomplish them being sick.
I have everything I need to live a life for Christ. Yes, it's hard, yes it hurts, yes some times I just want to get better so I can play broomball because I'm a teenager and that's all I want to do. But I'll be ok. God's plans are better then my own.
Well, I hope you have enjoyed my blog for tonight.
Thanks for reading!


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