Honor God With Your Facebook

(Side note: I wrote this blog MONTHS ago and thought it posted. Turns out that it just saved to my drafts.....hmmmm. Any ways, here is my blog short, simple and straight to the point. Enjoy!)

Hey! I just wanted to start off by saying that I love Facebook. I go on it all the time. But a lot of the stuff I see on there, isn't very God honoring. My goal is to use my facebook as a way of encouraging others. Every tme I post something I think "Does this honor God?" Or "Will this lift someone up or bring them down?" And I encourage you to do the same thing!
What someone says on facebook can really bring someone down, but if you chose your words wisely they can bring someone up too.
Think about this "What Would Jesus Do?"
I know thats a funny thought and your probably picturing Jesus on faceook now, but the point is, Jesus wouldnt say things that hurt other people and you, being a child of God, shouldnt either.
I hope the people on my faccebook are given hope through everything I post.
Thanks for reading! :)


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