Valentines Day

Well it's that day everyone. Today can either be your favorite day of the year or your least favorite. For some it makes them happy to get things from their valentine and for others it makes them sad because all it does it remind them that they don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
Well guess what? I'm 15 and I've never had a boyfriend. You know whats even better? I'm not mad about that! I'm 15, I don't need to be worried about who I'm going to marry. Life is so much more then guys. So every year I spend Valentines day with God. Because He loves me so much more then anyone ever could! The world tries to tell you that in order to be happy you need to have a boyfriend (or girlfriend). But you don't. The love that this world can offer is temporary, But God's love is eternal. He loves you so much that He sent His one and only Son to die the most brutal death for you. For YOU!
When I went on my first missions trip last year our handbooks had a story in it. A women named Cathleen Shrier (a college professor.) wrote a scientific description of Jesus' death. It was probably the saddest thing I have ever read. I've been trying to find the article online but have had no luck. But it describes exactly what Christ went through, and He did it all for you.
So this Valentines day I encourage you to spend some time reading your bible. That's the greatest love letter ever written. God's trying to get your attention, so listen up!
So I hope you have a fantastic day!


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