Respecting Your Parents

Hello. Today I watched a video and so and so and I just wanted to tell all you kids out there to respect your parents! For real! Ok, I know its hard, I'm a kid too. I'm nowhere near perfect or perfectly respectful, but you have to at least care or try and change. Your parents just want whats best for you!
When they take away your phone or laptop or ground you, they're not doing it to be mean. Its called DISCIPLINE! That means you did something wrong and their trying to correct you. Its not the end of the world when you get you phone taken away.
One of the things that drives me CRAZY is when people talk bad about their parents on facebook. I mean, really? Your gonna swear at your parents where everyone can see it? You shouldn't even be swearing at all! Your parents are trying to raise you to be good people. Yes you have to do chores, yes sometimes you'll get into fights but TRY! Try to have a good relationship with them.
Geez....Sorry I'm ranting. But it drives me crazy how teenagers are these days! There are actually nice teenagers around, but since there are so many typical teens everyone assumes that all teens are that way.
So in case you didn't get the message, please, PLEASE try to have a little more respect for your parents regardless of how unfair you think life is! Gosh.....For real. Whatever. Thanks for reading my rant! Until next time, and may the Force be with you!


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