Questions About Homeschooling

For those of you who didn't know, I'm homeschooled. I have been my whole life. I was in Jr. High the first time I ever stepped into a school. I shadowed my friend at her private school and I took a Spanish class. But thats about the closes I've ever been to going to school.
Whenever I tell someone that I'm homeschooled, I also get asked a series of questions afterwards. Apparently homeschooling is a very foreign thing to most people...Anyway, the first question is usually "Do you get to wear your pajamas to school?!?!?" My response is usually something like ".......Uh......Yeah...." And then they scream how lucky I am. The next question is, of course, "What time do you have to wake up?" "Depends on the day...Sometimes I sleep until 10 and other days I wake up at 7." Some of the other questions are:
"What time do you get out of school?"
"How do you know what to do?"
"Where do you get your school books?"
And the most popular question, "But...where do you get your socialization?"
Just because I'm homeschooled does not mean I don't have a social life. I'm actively involved in my church. On a regular basis I'm at church 4 times a week for youth groups, AWANA program and bible study. Plus I have friends from there that I hang out with on the weekends. I also have friends from a camp I attend every year and we keep in touch over the winter and fall.
For the rest of the questions, my mom gets my school books online.
"How do I know what to do?" I just do the next lesson.
I know your all probably still very confused about homeschooling. I didn't cover all of the strange questions I get. But if you have any questions, comment! Thanks for reading!


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