5 Things I Learned About Life From Dying My Hair

    I dye my hair therapeutically. I like to dye it when I change seasons in my life or when I need a change. I dye it for a million reasons. I've been doing it since I got purple streaks when I was 11. Ever since that time I just fell in love. I was going to do a post on the evolution of my hair, just as a cool off from all the really heavy posts I've been doing lately, but that wasn't working. I can't find enough pictures of all the hair colors I've had. But today I got my hair dyed again and for the first time I'm feeling uneasy about it. I actually miss my blonde hair. I'm worried that I'll never be blonde again. That my hair won't be able to bounce back the same. But alas, it always does, one way or another. So without further ado, I wanted to tell you some things I've learned about life from dying my hair.

   1. Change is good
   I hate change. Which is weird for someone who is constantly changing how they look. I actually panic right before I dye my hair. Every. Single. Time. I get scared and worried and overthink. But I always love it when it's finished. It's always refreshing and I feel so much better. Change doesn't have to be something we fight against. I'm learning to accept it.

   2. Don't be afraid to be bold
   Cheesy, but true.
   I've done a lot of crazy colors. Teal, pink/purple, red. And it makes me stand out. Sometimes I look weird among "normal" people. But I actually like that now. I'm not scared to be the odd one out. In life I think we should make bold decisions and be comfortable doing the uncomfortable.

   3. You can grow
   I've had haircuts I despised. I have gotten uncomfortable because my hair is too short and I think I look weird. But hair grows back. As a person, I've had setbacks. I've experienced things that knocked me down and hurt me. In so many ways, I've felt like I've regressed backwards. I find myself back in old habits and old ways of thinking, and it's easy to start feeling like I'm never going to grow. But I will. Slowly, but I will and I can. Hair grows back the way people grow back from pain.

   4. Nothing is permanent
   I use semi permanent dye for my hair. And every time I wash it, some of it goes away. That's a silly little reminder that nothing stays the same. Things change. Your circumstances fade out and things get better. Sometimes its painfully slow and other times it goes way faster than you want. But there are seasons for everything. If you're having a hard time and find yourself stuck, just know that it won't always be like this.

   5. You can always start again
   I shaved my head once, and it gave my hair a brand new start. It grew back healthier and stronger and the same color it used to be. In a way, I was giving myself a fresh start too. I can do that. I can start again. I can forget who I used to be. I can get rid of things that are holding me back. It's never too late to begin again. If you don't like who you are; change. I think that's the best advice I can give.

(Wow this post was cheesy but y'all needed a break. I hope everyone is having a great week.)


  1. That's super cool that you dye your hair during in different phases of your life. It's so rad that you can look back and remember exactly where you were or what you were feeling, just based on the color of your hair! :D

    I've always thought about dying my hair darker, but I've never done it. Props to you, it looks super cool! :D And I love that you shaved your head. That must have been so liberating!!

    "In life I think we should make bold decisions and be comfortable doing the uncomfortable."

    ^ I thought that was so great. I want my life to be unconventional and the thought of doing things that make you uncomfortable really resonated with me! Cool post. :)

  2. Wow that is honestly so rad. I love the color in your first picture. It's definitely bold :) I think that is so true what you said...because then when you look back you have all those memories connected with that phase in life. wow.
    i loved this post!

  3. This is a cool post! I love different hair colors. I've only dyed my hair once to bleach blonde which was the color I was when I was little and I like it so much better! I was hesitant doing it, but I love it now. ^ ^


  4. I think you look lovely with all the styles!

  5. Great post! I've always wanted to dye my hair bright blue, and one day I think I will.
    Also your teal hair was gorgeous!

  6. ugh, I totally get this. You rock any color girl, you look so amazing! I loved my deep blue hair, I felt so amazing with blue hair. I totally need to dye my hair again; maybe the tips this time!!! ^_^

  7. WOW. You are bold and brave! I don't have it in me to do these things


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