This week was my first week of school. It was good. I only had one breakdown, and that was on Friday so I think I did pretty good. Although, I haven't started math yet so we'll see how that goes come Monday. I really do enjoy learning, as long as it doesn't involve numbers. Anyhow, I felt like writing today, since I need to get more practice in before November when I do NaNoWriMo again. Plus all I seem to blog about are heavy topics, so I figured y'all could use a break.

   So here are some things I've been loving/doing this week.

   Restless: This movie was so cute! I squealed way too much while watching it. It's very much like The Fault In Our Stars except....morbid. So basically, I loved it. If you're a fan of really sick love stories, this one is for you.
   Restless is about a guy named Enoch, he crashes funerals for fun and his best friend is the ghost of a kamikaze pilot from Japan.  Then he crashes a memorial and meets a girl named Annabelle who changes everything.

   Some Kind Of Wonderful: Watch.This.Movie. Seriously, I am in love. I just watched it last night and I already want to watch it again. Watts is my spirit animal. While I was in the hospital my nurse saw me watching Pretty In Pink and recommended
this to me, and I need to thank her because this movie was perfection.
   John Hughes does it again with an adorable story about friendship and romance. Keith is an average guy; his best friend's name is Watts; a tomboy who seemingly doesn't care about anything except for her drums, but she secretly harbors feeling for Keith. So when he falls for Amanda, the beautiful, rich girl, it turns into a love triangle that can only end in disaster.

   God's Not Dead: Technically I only watched half of this one, and I liked what I did see. I must admit, it was cheesy as frick. The only parts I really liked were Josh's speeches.
   Josh is a college freshman. In his philosophy class, his professor forces the kids to check off a box on their paper that says "God's dead." However, Josh will have none of that, and instead, he stands up for his beliefs. I didn't see this part of the movie but he gets issued a challenge; he has 3 chances to speak in front of the class to prove God's existence.


   Frankenstein - Mary Shelley: I haven't finished it yet but its so, so good! It was nothing liked I thought it would be like, but its dark and deep and insightful. I can't wait to finish it and maybe write more about it.

   The Great Ones And The General - Ely B. One of the coolest people I know on the internet is writing a book and I got to read what's been written so far and it's golden. I cried actually. It isn't yet finished so if you want to read some snippets of it, check out her blog 'What Can I Say?' or also just send her some encouragement to motivate her to keep going because, trust me, you want this thing published.


   Gone, Gone, Gone - Phillip Phillips
   Best Day Of My Life - American Authors
   Smarter - Eisley
   Everything Has Changed - Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran
   (Look at my sister she's so cute.)
   That's my life right now. Also, Doctor Who. I really love Doctor Who. I've got my first night of youth group tomorrow night and I am a bit nervous. Also, I'm planning to do an event with a bunch of people for Rise Above It Missions next week and I'm nervous and overwhelmed with trying to figure that out.

   And I'm really excited for my NaNoWriMo this year. I actually like the characters. there's going to be real action, and I'm just really excited for it. I'm trying to work out a solid plot which is harder than you might think, but at least I decided on a title. Forlorn Hope. Thoughts? I designed a mediocre book cover so I'll post it closer to November along with a bit about the book. I can't wait to write this! Get ready for a wild book about the supernatural. It will be dark, with plot twists (and probably a lot of plot holes.) and whatever else I decide to throw in there. It's gonna be deep yo.

   Oh, one more thing.

125 days until my best friend returns!


  1. Sounds like your school year is off to a pretty good start. :) If you're interested(and have the time) you should come talk(email) to me about that book you're writing. I'd love to hear more about it! And gosh your sister is so cute!

  2. you sneaky little person...this post slipped past me in my news feed and I almost completely missed you mentioning the great ones and the general. <3 you're the best.

    And I think I really need to watch Some Kind of Wonderful. It sounds wonderful. *dies from overpunnage*

  3. Sounds like a good first week of school! Praying for you dealing with school in the coming weeks. Oh - I feel ya with the math. It is, like, physically painful.

    I've been wanting to see God's Not Dead for a while now.. though, yeah, I've heard it's super cheesy. xD Have you seen "Mom's Night Out?" It sounds odd, I know. ;D But my sisters and I watched it a few days ago and thought it was hilarious. Really well done, down to earth, and yeah, I found it hysterical. One of those movies you just keep thinking of afterwards "That was a really good movie." ;)

    Your sister is adorable! How precious. ^_^

    I love that title!! It makes you curious about the contents of the book. And crazy supernatural sounds awesome. Can't wait to read some snippets hehe...

    And... ehehe Doctor Who yes. You've probably said before, but who's your favorite doctor? :D

    1. My sister just watched "Mom's Night Out" and she loved it and told me to watch it. lol. so I do think I have to watch it at some point.

      As for my favorite doctor...technically its 11. I love him. But I've been going through series 3 this week and, well....Tennant is really growing on me. lol. So it's a battle between the two.

  4. Hey! So I awarded you the Sunshine Award..and you can take it here in http://thestarryeyeddreamer.blogspot.com/2014/09/sunshine-award-d.html . Great blogging!



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