I'm A Winner!

Last night I reached my goal....

   I WON NANOWRIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   That's right. I am proud. I wrote 52,479 words in a month! I also haven't even finished my novel yet. Maybe a thousand-two thousand more and I'll be finished. Just a few finishing scenes to wrap it all up. Honestly this month has taught me so much. I've really grown a lot as a writer and I've discovered things I never knew about myself. The old saying goes "You never know your limits until you're pushed to them." I have found that this is true. I had no idea I could write 1,600 words every day for an entire month. What else can I do every day for a month? I feel unstoppable! I know that if I really set my mind to it, I can accomplish anything.

   So how have I spent my day and how do I plan on celebrating further?

   I went out with one of the coolest guys I know this morning, I will be enjoying tons of sleep tonight (even though I have to wake up early for church.) and I got a 22 pack of popcorn and some sparkling grape juice to celebrate! I also got a new phone which I'm in love with!

   Also, thanksgiving! I had a great day then; we went to a family friends house and we played Catch Phrase and Name 5 which I sucked at but it made me laugh. I've really been enjoying having my brother home from college and I don't want him to go back.

   Now for some "currently's"

   Reading: Eleanor & Park.
   I love it! It's so cute! And the X-Men references! Ahh!

   Drinking: Hot chocolate.

   Feeling: Giddy and happy!

   Eating: Popcorn! (It's been my writing fuel all month.)

   Stressing: Math

   Completed: Saving Autumn!

   And my youth groups talent show is in two weeks and my band is performing and I'm doing a musical act with my friend who's playing the guitar for me. I want to record it to put it on here. I'm doing another thing the day of the show but some people from group read this and I want to surprise them. haha:) But I'll certainly write about it after!

   But now the vigorous task of rewriting my novel begins. I definitely want to self publish if I can get it fixed up and stuff. So be praying for me for that and also for the talent show. I don't know if I've ever asked any of you this but how can I pray for you? Please, always feel free to leave me prayer requests or message me on my Facebook Page or email me or something. I love talking to you and praying for you! This weekend God answered a really silly prayer of mine and that made me smile ridiculously. Its cool to see that He really cares about every aspect of my life.

   Well, that's all for now.

   Happy writing and God bless you!<3 p="">


  1. Wow, that is awesome. Congratulations, Faith! I don't think there is any way I could ever write that much in one month. That is so cool!!

  2. Congratulations!!! That is awesome! :D And happy belated Thanksgiving.. ;)

    1. Happy thanksgiving to you too!:) and thank you!


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