Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars!

Well today kinda hit off to a bad start but then I remembered....


   Yes! That means all of you should be wearing something Star Wars related! This tradition started 2 years ago (I believe) when this young girl Katie's mom blogged about how her daughter was bullied at school for loving Star Wars. They said Star Wars was only for boys. So us Star Wars fans, being the awesome group that we are, took a stand. Star Wars fans all around the world were helping Katie! Then it became so much more than doing it simply for that one girl, we decided that every year on this day all the Star Wars fans will wear Star Wars attire or donate a Star Wars toy (that can go to either a boy or a girl) to a toy drive or hospital. So please! Wear some Star Wars gear today! I really hope I can see someone else wearing something SW.

   I know I'm going all out and wearing everything I can find! May the Force be with you!

   Oh, and the Hobbit is out in theaters! Who went and saw it? I have not but I really want to:)


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