Rise Above It

Hello all! Early Merry Christmas! Soooooooo me and my very beautiful friend are starting something big. Yes. That's right. It's about to go down. We've been talking about this for a while and doing a lot of thinking and praying. See, we want to help people. So we've been formulating a plan on how to do so. But we finally got it.

   Our mission/organization thingy is called Rise Above It. Right now we just have our email address set up. riseaboveitmissions@gmail.com. Our goal is to help people by giving advice, sharing bible verses or just listening. Send us your story, we want to hear it! I'm hoping to get a website up and running soon where we can have a message board/forum to all share stuff on. This is something that I have been praying about and asking God about. My prayer is that God will touch lives through me and my friend.

   Me and my very beautiful friend have also been brainstorming about how to impact people in our community and such and someday (prayerfully soon.) we'll be able to start some sort of group where we can help people face to face. Helping people has always been a passion of mine and I am SUPER psyched to get to do this and be a part of something like this. I pray that God does huge things with us and this group.

   Now for you dear followers and readers, if you would keep us in prayer that would be appreciated! And also if you need prayer, help, advice, or if you just want to rant or share your story, email us! We are here to help! That's what we do! Thanks so much! Bye!



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