I Haven't Fallen Off The Earth!

Hi! I apologize for not blogging, though I seriously wonder how many of you actually noticed I was gone. I like doing updates but honestly, I don't think anyone cares enough. Nonetheless, I have not fallen of the face of the earth and (if you follow me on Twitter you would know) I have not yet left on my journey to find Narnia. (Sadly. Though I will one day...soon hopefully.) I had saved a blog in my drafts because I was trying to get my talent show video on here but it seems this website is having a hard time getting it to upload. I am so very sorry. (Well, kind of. It wasn't a very good act anyway.) Though maybe if you beg me enough I may try and get it up later.

   So today is going to be a random post. Life has been crazy hectic for me and I've been really stressed out. Prayers for me and my family would be much appreciated at this time. Thanks:) Also, The Hobbit comes out tomorrow! Who's going to see it?!?! I wish I was...we'll see. Lately I've also been on a Narnia kick so I've been watching a movie a day and I started reading the Magicians Nephew! Yay! What have you guys been up to? How is life? How may I pray for you?

   Sorry I don't update this regularly. I do more updates on my other social networks and what not. So, if you want to chat or talk or need prayer requests here on my other sites I'm on! I love talking to people! Especially to you awesome followers!

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So yes:) I would love to hear from you guys! I've also been going back and forth about getting a youtube channel. I also updated my About Me page. In case anyone reads it:P But yes. May The Force Be with you! And Merry Christmas! What are you guys doing for Christmas?

(Just a random picture I felt like sharing with you. Because I love my followers!)


  1. 'Course I noticed! I was just wondering where you were. I don't comment a lot lately, since I have a lot (I'm typing this in school) but I still read, honestly. Love ya :)


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