Fellowship, Church, And My Week

Hey! Sorry I haven't been posting in a while. I usually write about things that have been weighing heavily on my heart and I kinda been at a loss for words to write in a blog. Well, last week was a crazy one for me. My family is working on moving into the apartment downstairs (we currently live on the top floor of a two flat.) and that's been...fun. Also I've been worked up about a lot of things like my moms surgery and school and there's never a dull moment when you have a family of 10. So it's been an insane week. I think what contributed the most to my hectic week was my lack of time with God. I hardly spent time in the Word. I felt very disconnected and a little lost. Some days I would open my bible and read...nothing. I couldn't feel God's presence very abundantly. Now, He was here. He always will be, I just couldn't feel it.

   Finally Sunday came. I love Sundays. I have church in the morning, then I'm usually with my friends all day until youth group in the evening. What could be better? So I have to bike 5 miles to my church and I get up super early to go because I go with my older brother who helps clean up and get everything ready for church. I love riding my bike but yesterday I just didn't have the strength emotionally or physically. I had to stop halfway there because I was practically hyperventilating. It wasn't the greatest way to start the day.

   But with the week I had just had and the way my day had started off I was really craving church. Just to be with God in His house and to be surrounded by others that loved Him too. It was amazing. The sermon was really good, it was part of a series we've been doing called "Be Imitators Of Christ." Then I walked to my friends house and we talked about a lot of different things, the bible came up often. Then for youth group we played a bunch of different tag games. It was fun. I loved running around and being crazy with my closest friends. Just being with those people is enough to make me happy. A lot of my church friends I grew up with so I've known them my whole life, and others  I'm just getting to know but I love them just as much. Then at the end of the night we did the lesson/talk. Amazing as usual. Small groups were good too.

   Everything about Sunday gave me energy and filled me up. (The sermon in the morning was about not looking for worldly things to fill you up, but to let Christ fill you.) So it really felt good to be filled up with God. Now I am ready to do whatever it is He needs me to do. Right now He's telling me to "Be still and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10) To have faith and not worry. One of my youth group leaders said "Faith is the opposite of fear." I really like that. I say it a lot. Because it's true. So this week don't let fear rule you, have faith. Even if you've had a crazy week just be still and let Christ fill you up. Because there's nothing on this earth that can do that.


  1. Awesome post, Faith! I know with my hectic college schedule it feels like I'm just constantly moving and going everywhere at once, but the best time of the day is when I get to go to chapel. True, it's not even half an hour long, but there's just something so peacefully awesome about sitting in a church, surrounded by fellow Christians, and listening and waiting for God. Just being in His presence is awesome, even if it is only for 20 minutes.

    If going to church for 20 minutes is so awesome, Heaven will be INFINITELY off the Epic Scale! =D


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