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I'm going to go all Geek on you guys but I just wanted to share a few (and by a few I mean a book full) of some amazing lines from the Star Wars universe. I have debated making a separate blog for all my geeky posts but until I come  to a solid conclusion you'll have to deal with this. I have all my posts labeled so you can find them by topic. Loki dokie? Cool. This is gonna be super long I might not even get to put all of them in it. Some are going to be funny and some will be seriously. But enjoy!

"Every Jedi Knight has to be his own light, because the light shouldn't go out just because the Jedi dies."-Anakin Solo

"Urgency without panic, action without thoughtlessness."-Corran Horn

"Selflessness is the only antidote to evil. It provides a light that destroys the dark."-Corran Horn

"Those who have their mouths open all the time generally have their ears shut."-Barriss Offee

"The antidote to the dark side is the light side."-Kirana Ti

"If you cannot recognize the man in the mirror, it's time to step back and see when you stopped being yourself."-Corran Horn

"Lies come easier then truth, and at a lower cost."-Qui-Gon Jinn

"Do not meet hate with hate, meet it with purpose."-Qui-Gon Jinn

"The darker the shadow, the brighter the light that casts it."-Tahiri Veila

"There's a difference between finding trouble in your path and going out of your way searching for it."-Jacen Solo

"The unknown is a place where we can discover who we really are."-Obi-Wan Kenobi

"One can fail at a task but still learn the lesson."-Luminara Unduli

"Don't confuse refusing help with not needing it."-Leia Organa

"Never step into the same river twice can you. Each time the river hurries on, each time he that steps has changed."-Yoda

"Don't lose track of praise even in a stream of constructive criticism. Or vice versa."-Luke Skywalker

"I get it now...everything that's happened all my life...You shaped me to do this."-Cade Skywalker

"I can change. It won't be easy but it'll be worth it."-Mara Jade

"Remember I promised that when all seemed dark, I would be a light for you as you were for me."-Aayla Secura

"There's rights...and there's right."-Mara Jade

"You can't hear a whisper if you're constantly shouting."-Mara Jade

"I want you to know-all that anger and hate-I didn't bring it with me. Tell Jaina I forgive her."-Jacen Solo

"Being abandoned to my enemies, abandoned by one for whom I had once considerable affection and respect was like being murdered...and surviving."-Jacen Solo

"I have our tactic. When the rocks fall, we get out of the way."-Ben

"Anakin, your name reminds me of hope. Hope that even if a Jedi uses his powers for the dark side, he can still choose to turn back to the light."-Leia Organa

Well, I still have many more amazing quotes where that came from. I also have lists of funny ones. But in order to not bore people I won't make it any longer. Did I miss any good ones? Put them in the comments or tell me what you think! Which ones were your favorites?


  1. I love Star Wars!

    "Never step into the same river twice can you. Each time the river hurries on, each time he that steps has changed."-Yoda Love this quote


    1. me too! And I love that quote. Yoda is so awesome:)

  2. Remember, Padawan, that most beings are essentially unknowable. There are mysteries at the heart that can surprise even those who think they know themselves.- Qui-gon Jinn
    There is a secret to warrior arts. One that has nothing to do
    with training. Nothing to do with fancy movements. It is the willingness to trade lives with your enemy. To never fight for anything you would not die for. Those who fight for glory, gold, or power, stand on shifting sand, not the bedrock of true courage. Fight for your people. Fight for your mate. For you, dying means winning. The arena is not a circle of sand. The arena is you heart.
    –Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Yeah... two of my favs you kinda missed, but awesome list! :) THe last one is my favorite... kinda. Hard too choose :P

    1. ohhhh! those are good! thank you for sharing! I love Star Wars quotes:)

  3. Great quotes! Here are a few of my favorites:

    "Your father's light saber. This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age." - Ben Kenobi

    "I'm in control, I make the rules now." - Cad Bane

    "You might as well give me your lightsaber... you obviously don't know how to use it!" - Grievous

    "Remember what I taught you, General. If you are to succeed in combat against the best of the Jedi, you must have fear, surprise, and intimidation on your side. But if any one element is lacking, it would be best for you to retreat. You must break them before you engage them. Only then will you ensure victory and have your trophy." - Count Dooku

    "Sure, sure. As long as I get paid, it makes no difference to me." - Cad Bane

    one more...

    "You're lucky we're in a hurry, little lady...we'll have to dance another time." - Cad Bane

    1. Yes! Ooooooh! I love those! I love the ones from Grievous! Yeah, Cad Banes cool:) lol


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