Men Of God

Hello! I've just had so many blog idea's running through my head since I got back from camp! I don't even know what to say! At camp I was so overwhelmed with love! It seemed that everywhere I went someone would do something nice for me. Not just friends. But random people! This really inspired me! I could blog for hours about how happy those little things made me but I believe I've already blogged about something very similar. But today I want to talk to a little bit of a different audience then I normally try to reach out to. Considering my blog looks super girly and all that. I want to talk about what I think a gentlemen is. On my missions trip and camp I got to encounter many gentlemen who were on fire for God! It was so inspiring! I think that nowadays we rarely see guys like that. Guys who love God with all their hearts and really show it! I love seeing people worship and up at camp worship was taken to a whole new level for me! People were TOTALLY undignified! It was amazing! There were especially this group of people who were totally all in it! I loved it! Seeing them worship has really inspired me! I think its amazing for a guy to love God and to be able to worship without caring what others might think.
   Also, when I think of guys I think "Leaders." Because that's what God has called you to be! I think Joshua 1:9 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid nor dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." This is one of my favorite verses because fear has always been a hard thing for me. But I especially think that you, as guys, should really take heart what this verse says. God has commanded you to be strong! To rise up and lead! Not to brag or anything but I think my older brother is a fine example to an aspiring man of God. He was one of the student leaders on my missions trip and man...I was so mad I wasn't on his team. He is such a good leader!
   Another important quality for guys is to have respect and love. Show respect to everyone, but especially to girls! Don't push her to cross her boundaries or anything. Give her your utmost respect.
   Along with that, you must be selfless. Putting others interests above your own. Of course, girls, you gotta do that too. Be kind to everyone. I was amazed by how courteous and kind everyone was at camp. You should desire to just be kindness! All the time! Think outside the box! I had a few guys go out of their way for me and the impact you can have on a person is crazy! But it could be just be, I love looking at all the little details. Sometimes it takes courage and you may never know if you helped at all, but do it because God calls you to be a light!
   One more thing: Help each other! Encourage each other! If you see one of your brothers falling, help him! God gives us people in our lives to help us, and some to help. So find all those people.
   But the most important thing about being a man of God is actively pursuing Christ! Always try to live your life for Him, not to please others. God has some big plans ahead of you. So it's time to step up and be courageous! I have to post a link to an amazing song that should really inspire you as guys to step up, be audacious, and live your life for Christ and not fall into the patterns of this world. So I hope to see a lot more guys on fire for God! Thanks for reading!
^Man Up Anthem-116 Clique


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