A Short Post In Which I Share Bad News

   A while ago I underwent a surgery to remove half of my thyroid because there was a nodule growing on it. This nodule had been benign for a long time but then it started to press on my wind pipe, so my doctor elected to remove it. After that, he wanted it examined to look for cancer. Well, all the pathologists at my doctor were split. Half said cancer, half said benign. Thus half of my thyroid make quite the journey. It was transported to Wisconsin, and then eventually to New York to be looked at.

   All this goes to say, they found out I have cancer.

   Before you go freaking out, stop. Take a breath. And relax.

   We won't know what kind or stage until after I have it biopsied. On August 10th, the remaining part of my thyroid will be removed and then I'll undergo radioactive iodine treatment to disintegrate any traces of my thyroid that were left over.

   I know. I just threw a lot of information out there at once. If you're not a medical expert or a sick kid, your brain might be spinning. So to summarize: they have no idea how bad it is, but I'm feeling optimistic. My doctors do seem concerned more than they usually are, that's true. But I know I've gone through this surgery before and I handled it well, so that's good.

   So I thought today though I'd talk about cancer.

   I've known for a while now but I didn't tell a lot of people. I didn't know how to. There were a lot of reasons I kept it to myself for so long. It's awkward to come out there and just say "by the way, I have cancer." I didn't want people to treat me differently. I didn't want people to suddenly care about me when they really hadn't before. I didn't want all the attention to be on me. I didn't want people to feel sorry for me. I didn't want to just talk about cancer. It's weird to say that I have cancer because it doesn't feel real.

   Honestly, I don't feel sick. I'm now a part of this group of people who are deemed Really Sick, and I don't feel it. I don't feel like I should be among them. I'm the healthiest I've ever been. I don't feel like I'm constantly fighting to stay alive or to find a cure. I'm not a huge medical health activist nor will I ever be. I don't feel sick. I don't feel weak.

   But for a while it hit me hard. I'm sick. Even though I don't feel it, I am sick. Some day I may wake up and not be able to walk. Some day I won't be able to eat. Some day I'm going to be in so much pain I'll cry all day. And the worst is the not knowing. I don't know when my body will give out. I'm fine today but how will I be tomorrow? I'm worried because I'm a person that prides myself in being independent and self sufficient. I know someday I won't have that luxury.

   But I guess that's what makes me grateful for each day I am normal. I thank God for my health and that seems almost ridiculous for someone who has so many issues going on. But I am. I know that God is in control and if He didn't want me to have cancer than I wouldn't have cancer. It's as simple as that. With that, I guess I just want people to know that having cancer isn't the worst thing in the world. It's terrible, but there are worse things that could happen. Cancer doesn't get the last word. Cancer can have a footnote in my story but that's it.

   And hey, on the bright side, I get to be Hazel Grace now. So I'll be on the lookout for a one legged boy who carries a cigarette around for metaphorical reasons.

(I had to include this song. It's great.)

(Anthony Rizzo, first basemen for the Chicago Cubs being a gem. He defeated Hodgkin's Lymphoma.)

(Me And Earl And The Dying Girl. 10/10 would recommend.)

Thank you all for listening to me talk about my medical problems and being there for me while I rant. Truthfully, I never wanted to share this with you but, as Rachel pointed out in that movie quote above, everyone was gonna find out sooner or later. I'd rather you hear it from me. Be praying for my family in all this; mostly my mom, because she worries. But also everyone else. Because having a kid with medical issues puts a ton of stress on everyone in the family. 

Thank you again for everything.


  1. Faith. Wow. I don't know what to say, really. Only that I will be praying for you, all the time. And that I think you are incredibly brave and you inspire me. If I were to find out I had cancer, I would want to handle it the way you have.
    I definitely understand why you didn't want to tell anyone. But thank you for being courageous. You will be in my prayers.


  2. I really don't know what to say, but I will be praying for you, and I hope that you'll be ok, and that everything will work out for the best.
    (And I will admit I kinda freaked out when I saw the MCR song.........I'm a massive fan)

  3. Love you! I share your feelings. I too felt I didn't deserve pity, I wasn't sick. But I wAS - I DID have cancer. Twice! 12 years later I've got it beat. So will you!

  4. We are always here for you Faith! We love you!

  5. Faith, I am so sorry to hear this. I wish you well through this journey and may God heal you completely, in His way and His time. I'll be praying for you and your family.

  6. Praying for you and your family, Faith. And I firmly believe that God wants you to be well! <3

  7. thank you thank you thank you for this post.

    a little girl named abby whom i've known for 5, almost 6, years, had cancer, lukemia when she was 5. when she had a bone marrow transplant, she ended up getting graft versus host disease in her stomach. her liver and kidneys failed. she's been everywhere getting treatments for her cancers (she relapsed when she was 8) and now the doctors say she'll die in 2 months. it would be a miracle for her to make it to her 10th birthday in september. all i can do is pray for her and her family for some kind of miracle from God.

    anyways i'll pray for you too <3

    xx emily

    ps i love hazel grace and me, earl and the dying girl ;)

    1. I'll be praying for little abby <3

  8. Wow. I couldn't imagine getting that news. I'm glad you're staying positive, and I will be praying for you. God's got this.


  9. Tagged you for The Five Favorite Couples Tag

  10. Ohh, Faith. This is hard. I'll be praying for you and your family. Just remember, Jesus as overcome sin and death, and you are His. Nothing else matters. Stay strong.

  11. I'll be praying for you like you said, God has got this.


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