Shots From New Camera!

If you Like my blog on Facebook or follow me on Twitter than you probably heard that I recently got a new camera. (And if you didn't know that then you should follow/like them. Check out my Contact Me page!) Ben is my new Nikon Coolpix L120. This is the nicest camera I've ever had and even though its not perfect I am blown away by it! Money is something I rarely have but lately God has blessed me with enough of it to buy the camera I've been saving up to get. I haven't really gotten a chance to go out and take many pictures because I've literally taken pictures of everything around my house already and since I don't have a camera bag yet, I can't take it anywhere. And my family doesn't have a car so I bike or bus everywhere...yeah I can't take my camera with me for those trips. But here are just some shots I took the past few days. I'm still trying to learn about the camera and adjust to it and all that, since I've never had a camera like this before so there are all these news fun settings to mess around with. And I realized I overused to word 'camera' in this post but whatever! Enjoy the pictures! Tell me what you think!

I can't wait to see how my photography skills will develop now that I have a better camera. But I also remembered that I have a few other pictures that I took with Lucy (My Kodak camera.) that I want to share with you just because. And if this works out correctly, a video from the twenty one pilots concert.


  1. Fun! :) Congratulations on the new camera! I like the DW dress. :)

  2. Those are awesome photos! Congratulations on getting a new camera!! I loved your most recent post as well "Catalyst"; I have currently been processing the same sort of thing.

    1. Thank you! (Thank you as well S.W!)

      Yeah. God kind of blew my mind with my brothers wisdom from "Catalyst."


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