Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes I know thanksgiving is tomorrow but in my house its today! My dad has to work tomorrow so we decided to celebrate a day early. So our plans for the holiday are to have a nice thanksgiving dinner as a family today and then tomorrow we're going to have another thanksgiving dinner but with some friends. So 2 thanksgivings! I'm totally ok with that:)

   I love thinking about all God has given me! Because I am SO blessed! I have a paper on my wall with big red letters that say "I'm thankful for..." and whenever I think of something I'm thankful for I write it on there. Now I need to squeeze words on there because its so full! I'll put a new one up soon. But I think we should be thankful ALL year around, not just on thanksgiving. See, I love thanking God for all the little things. You know, things that a lot of people take for granted. Like paper and notebooks, my pillow pet and my Jedi Build-A-Bear, my TV, movies, and all those ways God speaks to me.

   I hope everyone has an incredible thanksgiving! And as Christmas rolls around, don't forget that you have all you need in Christ. Be thankful! So what are you doing for thanksgiving? Comment and tell me 5 things your thankful for!


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