When You Want To Give Up...

A girl I follow on Tumblr inspired me to write this post. I've just been thinking about all the broken and hopeless people in this world. I'm homeschooled so I don't come across many people in desperate need. But I always come across people on my Tumblr and Twitter pages that need my help. My job in life is to encourage people. I try to do that daily. I feel like that's something God has called me to do. To be a light for people in need. Sometimes I feel sad because I don't actually know people who struggle constantly. But one day I somehow came across this girl on Tumblr. She's saved and yet she struggles with self harm and depression. She would post about her struggles and how hard it was and it would break my heart. I could hardly wrap my head around the fact that there are people who hurt so much in the world where they inflict serious pain on themselves and want to end their lives. So this blog is for them. For the people that are struggling through each and every day. For the people that feel like they can't press on anymore.
   This is for you.
   You can do this. There has never been a day in your life where you've walked alone. God is with you. The world is going to feed you lies. Lies that say your not important, no one loves you, your ugly, your worthless, no one would care if you died. That's not the truth. God has a plan for your life and He has made you to be so much more then this! Never stop fighting. You can overcome anything your dealing with. When this world beats you down and you don't think you can do it, use Gods strength. When you can't walk anymore, God will carry you. There is nothing you can't do with God. All of this pain that your going through right now, that is going to make you stronger. You can fight! Never surrender. One day you can look back on this and say "I did it. I made it." You are so strong, a lot stronger then you give yourself credit for. You say you aren't loved, yet that's such a lie! There are people that care about you more then you could possibly know! I'm going to quote my youth leader and say "If you saw yourself the way God see's you, you would never feel insecure again." When God looks at you...wow. He see's beauty. He see's this beautiful creation and He looks on you with love! You are His child! When you hurt, His heart aches for you. I know because my heart aches for you. And God loves you SO much more so how much more must He feel for you?! Listen to me and hear the truth. You. Are. Loved. Freedom comes today. You don't have to hurt yourself anymore. You don't need to cry. God has come to heal you. All of your scars and wounds and heart breaks, God has come to heal. John 16:33 says "These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble, but take courage for I have overcome the world." He has overcome. So this is your day. Today is the day you fight. Today you will fight and never surrender. God is for you, what can man do to you?

   Let me wash you with words of truth to undo the lies. You are beautiful. You are wanted, loved, special, amazing and created with purpose. You are strong. You have courage. You can do this. You are NOT alone. Never think that you are.

   So you have 2 options really. You can remain in your pain and hurt and suffering...or you can choose to let it go. Give it to God. Let Him be your strength. Come to freedom. You don't have to live this life. You can be free.  If anyone ever needs anything PLEASE, I'm begging you, send me a message!!! I'm praying that whoever reads this will be blessed and healed. Know that I am praying for you always. You are loved.


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