Looking For Angels

This is gonna be a short post considering I really don't feel like writing today but I just wanted to get this out there. The other day I was listening to a song called Looking For Angels by Skillet. Let me tell you something about this song: I.love.it. It's amazing! It's about helping people who need help. Those who are oppressed and it's really a sad song. It's about people who are going through life looking for angels. Who are just dying to know that God is there. Everyone is looking for an angel. Someone who will love them and just show Jesus. I don't know if you've heard this before but I hear a lot of people say "You may be the only 'Jesus' someone will ever see." People who may not know Jesus might come to know Him through you!

   This song always touched me a lot because I love helping people. But for some reason I heard it differently this time. We have to be like angels for people. Isn't that a crazy thought? We can be a light for someone in darkness. Not just like, homeless people or people obviously going through a hard time. For everyone! Because you never know who could need you. We can be all the difference in the world to someone. I would know. Because I can think of so many people who have been like "angels" to me. God is amazing like that. Like when I pray, God uses people to be an answer to my prayers and its SO cool! What's even cooler is when God answers my unsaid prayers. Like sometimes He just knows that I need cheering up and all of the sudden I have a funny text from someone. Just, little random things like that.

   Ok, Yes, I need to say this again because its just SO COOL! I love the little things. That's something you need to know about me. I love it when people do silly little things for me. I know I always try to do little things for people because I know how happy it would make me if someone did it for me. So right now think "What can I do to make someone smile?" You can make someone's day just a little brighter, make their load a little lighter. So as you go throughout your day just look for little things you can do to help someone. Also, if someone does something for you...thank them. That can give them some encouragement too! It's crazy like...I can't even imagine. I've had some people do crazy things for me and I often think about what it's like if I were them. If God randomly put this person on my heart to do a silly thing for...would I listen? Would I have enough courage to act in kindness? I don't know. But if God ever tells me to do something, I want to listen. Because my goal in life is to be a light and a reflection of Christ.

   So yeah. Sorry I was kind of rambling. I'm just trying to think about all this stuff so I had to put all my thoughts somewhere. God is good. Listen to Him. Be a light today!


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