My Big Brother

Ok. here it goes. this is my first real blog. the other one doesn't count. I was just thinking about all the stories I'm gonna have once I'm older and once this is all over. being homeless has made a lot of things hard for me. but it has also done me so much good! I got to know more things about people and got a look at what there life is like. I also got to be a a Godly example to the people at the shelter. but most of all I've gotten closer to my family. I know it sounds weird that being away from your family brings you closer to then but, its true! I especially got much closer to my big brother Shane. we talk more then we used to and are more open with each other now. we actually act like we know each other now! he even took a picture with my sister! in front of his friends!

I love being a little sister! I get to tell all of my friends that he's the coolest big brother in the world! I laugh when they say "My brother would never do that!" Another thing about being a little sister is that I'm the one that gets to cheer him on at all of his baseball games. I'm the one screaming the loudest when he just hits a single. I'm so proud of him! I'm sure that He'll make the majors! But he's not just the best catcher in the league, He's a great kid. All of his teammates think he's cool and all of is coaches love him! He's the kind of kid that people want to hang out with. He was asked to be in the Elite Showcase. That's for the best players around! But no matter how good the other players might be, Shane is (by light years!) the best player of all!


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